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Spyballs are devices which can be used to watch people in other places. They were invented by Lady Iskra, who is Dex's Technopathy mentor. One have to just say the name of any intelligent creature, and then can watch that person through the ball. Spyballs get the tracked person's location from the elvin official Registry.

Spyballs have to be registered, and are closely monitored. Only elves who got permission from the Council are allowed to own and use them.

In the first Keeper of the Lost Cities book, Sophie Foster secretly got an unregistered spyball from the Black Swan, despite not having a permission for it, and used it to check on her human family. Later she forgot to check on them frequently, what turned out to be a mistake. At the end of Lodestar she tried to watch them after a while, and was very concerned that she didn't see them. She pressured Alden Vacker to take her to go and check they are alright, and apparently her human parents were kidnapped by the Neverseen a few days earlier. After they were rescued, memory-washed and relocated again, Sophie couldn't watch them through the spyball anymore because the information about their new location was erased from the Registry for better safety.

In Unlocked it was revealed that some councillors actually suspect that Sophie Foster is possessing an unregistered spyball, but have no proof of that. It also revealed the status of spyball approval for several characters.

List of known spyball approval statuses