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Spyballs are ball-shaped devices that are used to observe people such as elves or humans. Spyballs were invented by an elf known as Lady Iskra.


Spyballs allow the user to view anyone, no matter where they are. Simply speaking the intelligent creature's name allows the owner to watch them through the ball. However, some beings aren't accessible, usually because they aren't available in the elvin Registry.

The use of the Spyball is severely limited, and elves need a special permit from the Council to use them. People who own them are monitored closely, and those using them without permission could get into serious trouble.


In the first Keeper of the Lost Cities book, Sophie Foster received an illegal Spyball from the Black Swan, which she used to keep an eye on her parents, from afar.

In the fifth book, Sophie uses her Spyball to observe her parents, then Edaline and Grady Ruewen. It was assumed they could discover the identities of the members of the Black Swan by using it, though Mr. Forkle assured Sophie and her friends that they couldn't.

At the end of Lodestar, Keefe tells Sophie's theory of the Neverseen abducting her parents. This led to her attempting to track them down with her Spyball, but it turned out that they were inaccessible.

After Sophie's parents were relocated with their memories wiped clean, she couldn't watch them through the spyball anymore because the information about their new location was erased from the Registry for better safety.

In Unlocked it was revealed that some of the Councillors suspected that Sophie Foster possessed an unregistered spyball, though were unable to find any proof.

List of known spyball approval statuses.[]