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Splendor Plains currently the residence of Elwin. Keefe stays there for a short amount of time while after he wakes up, in Unlocked. It was also included on the map of the Lost Cities given in Unlocked. It is seen to be off the coast of Alaska.

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Elwin's residence is just as bright and bold as his fashion sense, and every pane of his windowed walls is set with a different color of glass. But the architecture is also sleek and modern, with a flat roof and lots of sharp angles. And while the decor is somewhat sparse, there are plenty of "Elwin" touches - like the room holding his stuffed animal collection and the tunnels visible under the glass floor, which all his pet banshee (Bullhorn) to scurry wherever he desires. The house is bordered by the forest on one side and the ocean on the other, providing Foxfire's resident physician with a variety of peaceful views to enjoy after stressful days in the Healing Center. Often occupied by Keefe and Sophie.

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