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A prodigy's special ability focus session is where they get to train in their manifested ability. These classes are normally one-on-one with a mentor, but in special cases, like with the cognates-in-training Sophie Foster and Fitz Vacker, two prodigies are allowed to train together.

Known Mentors[]

Mentor Ability Session Prodigies
Sir Tiergan Telepathy Sophie Foster, Fitz Vacker
Councillor Bronte Inflicting Sophie Foster
Lady Iskra Technopathy Dex Dizznee
Lady Zillah Shading Tam Song

Official Descriptions[]

  • Any Foxfire prodigy who has manifested an ability is required to train in that ability every Tuesday and Thursday, one-on-one with a mentor. Possible sessions include Telepathy, Vanishing, Empathy, Flashing, Gusting, Phasing, Frosting, Technopathy, Conjuring, Beguiling, Inflicting, Descrying, Mesmerizing, and many more. At the beginning of each student's time learning about their ability and how to use it, the mentor who is teaching the sessions will give the student The Ethics Lecture. Training in Pyrokinesis is strictly forbidden.[1]
  • Any Foxfire prodigy who has manifested an ability is required to train in that ability every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon (while the rest of the school takes ability detecting). Possible sessions include: telepathy, empathy, vanishing, flashing, gusting, phasing, frosting, technopathy, conjuring, inflicting, descrying, mesmerizing, and many more. (Please note: Training in pyrokinesis is strictly forbidden.)[2]