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Soporidine is secreted from Bucollosiscia, a hybridized bacterium. The bacteria themselves are harmless, but the Soporidine is a powerful sedative that can be lethal. When used, the person has no thoughts or dreams. Although it is hard to produce, it can be harvested. Sleep-inducing flowers burned with Everblaze can sustain the bacteria long enough to collect the sedative. The Neverseen made many batches of Soporidine to threaten both Elves and Humans with, since they are the only ones with the cure.


Soporodine is soft and gloopy like paint. It is typically vivid purple when in contact with skin. However, the type developed by Lady Gisela (used to sedate Silveny and Greyfell) is deep blue due to chemical changes for its effects on alicorn physiology. The antidote for the purple type is green, and the antidote for the blue variety is orange.

Known Victims Edit

Lady Cadence said a single drop of soporidine accidentally knocked her out for three days while she was living with the ogres.

For unknown reasons, the Neverseen sedated Alvar with sopordine and left him in Nightfall. He was woken at the end of book six, and the book ended with Sophie discovering that he had lost his memories.

In a battle with Lady Gisela near the end of Nightfall, Ro was sedated; however, she was woken with a cure.

In Flashback, Lady Gisela used the cure for Soporidine as a bargain to force Tam to join the Neverseen.

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