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Note: This ship is between a minor and adult, so it is currently considered to be a future ship, when Sophie is an adult, not a current ship.

Solie, or Wyphie, is the romantic / platonic pairing between Wylie Endal and Sophie Elizabeth Foster. Though Wylie initially assigns much blame on Sophie for what happened with his father, Prentice, their friendship begins with promises being made between the two of them as well as genuity.


Keeper of the Lost Cities: Legacy Edit

1."Wylie placed a hand on Sophie's shoulder. "You okay?" he asked. At some  point he'd scooted closer to her. She hadn't noticed."

2."Seriously," Wylie said, squeezing Sophie gently until she looked at him. "Need us to change the subject? Or should you have your bodyguards take you inside for a break?"

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