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Sophie and Valin is the romantic/friendship pairing of Sophie Foster and Valin (last name unknown). Sophie and Valin met during Book 1: Keeper of the Lost Cities through one of Sophie's newly acquired friends, Jensi, and through a shared, forced dance in detention. However, Valin is not present in the rest of the series due to Sophie's work with the Black Swan and her mischievous adventures. Valin is known to have a shiny blob of drool on his mouth every time he sees Sophie

Pairing Names[edit | edit source]

  • Salin (Sophie/Valin
  • SoValin (Sophie/Valin
  • Vophie (Valin/Sophie
  • Valphie (Valin/Sophie 

Book 1: Keeper of the Lost Cities[edit | edit source]

  • Valin is most likely to be one of the "drooly boys" that Sophie sat with on her first day at Foxfire.
  • Keefe teases Sophie about Valin's crush on her, which he felt from his ability as an Empath.
  • Keefe says Valin is the vice president of the Foster Fan Club.
  • Sophie and Valin share a "romantic" dance during detention.
  • Keefe bumps Valin's arm and uses his ability as Empath to tell Sophie that he is seriously crushing.
  • Valin stares at Sophie throughout an entire detention in Lady Galvin's room.
  • Valin gives Sophie a cute bracelet with heart charms for midterms. Along with a note saying that Valin enjoyed the dance and hoped for more dances to come.

Similarities:[edit | edit source]

Differences:[edit | edit source]

  • Valin has a crush on Sophie, while Sophie does not have a crush on Valin to our knowledge.
  • Valin is associated with the Drooly Boys; Sophie is not.
  • Sophie is a member of the Black Swan while Valin is not.
  • Sophie has brown eyes, while Valin, presumably, does not.

Quotes:[edit | edit source]

  • "'Dear Sophie, I really enjoyed our dance, and I hope we can do it again soon. Love, Valin.' ...'Who's Valin?'" -Keefe and Dex, Keeper of the Lost Cities.

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