Note: This is not a romantic ship. This page states the telepathic bond between these two characters, and is not meant as a romantic relationship. Edit

“Thank you for being brave enough to find me this one last time. You gave me the gift of goodbye.”

Mr. Forkle to Sophie Foster, in Lodestar

Sophorkle (as dubbed by Keefe) is the friendship/telepathic pairing of Sophie Elizabeth Foster and Errol Loki Forkle. In Neverseen, after Mr. Forkle was suspected to be her father, the term Sophorkle was coined when Keefe was creeped out by the pair staring into each other's eyes while telepathically communicating. Sophie thought Mr. Forkle was her father after he put his name as a relative on her Exillium form, but Mr. Forkle claims that he is not her father, although the other Mr. Forkle could be.

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