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Solinh or Lophie is the friendship/romantic pairing of Sophie Elizabeth Foster and Linh Hai Song. As of now, they are good friends, and work very well together. Sophie first heard of Linh when Linh stopped Sophie from burning down Exillium in Neverseen. She was known as "The Hydrokinetic" or "The Girl of Many Floods." Sophie first communicates with Linh during an exercise they did together in Exillium to practice holding their breath. As Linh struggled to hold her breath, Sophie decided to Inflict positive emotions to keep her calm. After that, Linh and her twin brother, Tam, decide to trust Sophie and meet her. Sophie also frequently comments on and thinks about Linh's beauty. Linh and Sophie become good friends at the end of Neverseen, and Linh joins their group, along with her brother, Tam.

Pairing Names[]

  • Solinh (So/phie and Linh)
  • Lophie (L/inh and S/ophie)
  • Slinh (S/ophie and Linh)
  • Liphie (Li/nh and So/phie)
  • Linphie (Lin/h and So/phie)
  • Sinh (S/ophie and L/inh)


Book 4: Neverseen[]

  • Linh puts out the fire that Sophie accidentally starts.
  • Sophie notices that Linh is in tears because of the Exillium training on breath holding, so she inflicts waves of calm to ease Linh's panic.
  • When they meet for the first time, Linh raises water to allow them to cross the river. Sophie gasps in awe, causing Linh to blush.
  • Sophie tells Linh to "hang on", Linh responds that she can.

Book 5: Lodestar[]

  • Linh gasps at the heat shot between her and Sophie.
  • "'I'll help any way I can,' Sophie promised, twining their fingers together and sending a fresh rush of tingly heat through [Linh's] skin."
  • Sophie compliments Linh, saying that she is beautiful.
  • Linh wants to change out of her training tunic when she sees Sophie.
  • Sophie says that Linh always looks beautiful.
  • Sophie describes Linh as extra-striking, even compared to the rest of the elves.
  • Linh says that it's getting better because of Sophie.

Book 6: Nightfall.[]

  • Sophie describes Linh as someone "who always had an aura of sweetness around her pink-cheeked face." (pg. 142)
  • "Sandor flinched out of the way, not saying a word as Sophie and Linh made their way into the closet."
  • "'How's it going there, by the way?' Sophie asked. Linh smiled. 'It keeps getting better - thanks to you.'"
  • "Sophie and Linh shared a look before they made their way downstairs."
  • "Linh was so sweet and pretty and always doing supercool water tricks."
  • “Linh managed to be serene and feisty with each of her pink-lipped smiles."
  • “It definitely didn’t have to do with the pretty way Linh was blushing."
  • “’I’ll help any way I can,’ Sophie promised, twining their fingers together and sending a fresh rush of tingly heat through her skin."

Book 7: Flashback[]

  • Sophie feels self-conscious when she first sees Linh after the hospital. She doesn't care about Fitz seeing her.
  • Sophie was trying not to think how beautiful Linh looked compared to her.
  • Sophie’s chest tightened when Linh went over to help Fitz and Fitz gave her his perfect smile. Sophie told herself not to care, missing Linh’s question.
  • “I can take you to Wylie’s new place,” Linh offered, pulling a pendant out from under her tunic. “Actually, it’d probably be better if we just borrow that crystal,” Sophie admitted. “I don’t know if it’ll be bad to show up at the hive with extra people.” Linh pouted. “But . . . I want to see the baby alicorns.”
  • Linh tries to come up with excuses to see Sophie.
  • “Can I come too? I’m so over battle training. And Tam just left. And . . . okay, I just really really really want to fly with the pretty, sparkly horses!”
  • Linh makes Sophie a present.

Book 8: Legacy[]

  • Sophie pulled Linh into a hug.
  • Sophie wore the shirt that Linh made for her.

Book 8.5: Unlocked[]

  • Sophie wonders where Linh is.
  • She states Linh is probably smarter than them.
  • She wishes Linh were with her when she goes to the Neverseen storehouse.

Similarities and Differences:[]


  • They are both elves.
  • They've both attended Exillium.
  • They were both in the Ambi Hemisphere at Exillium.
  • They both have amazing control over their abilities.
  • They both attend Foxfire.
  • They are both girls.
  • They both love animals.
  • They are both very talented.
  • They both manifested at young ages.
  • They both have incredibly powerful abilities.
  • They both hate the Neverseen.
  • They are both members of the Black Swan.
  • Both of their families are in the Nobility.
  • They both hold the unpopular opinion that their world is getting messy, yet the rest of the elves deny it.
  • Both have been scorned by society.
  • They both have pets.
  • They both appear on the Nightfall cover.



“'You look beautiful,' Sophie promised. Linh always did.”

Sophie to Linh, in Lodestar

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