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Sensi or Jenphie is the platonic/romantic pairing of Sophie Elizabeth Foster and Jensi Babblos. Jensi was the first guy at Foxfire to come and talk to Sophie. She likes him but he doesn't hang out with her a lot because he feels a little left out when she is with the rest of her group. Jensi goes back to the "drooly boys" and abandons the main group eventually.

Pairing Names[]

  • Sensi (S/ophie and J/ensi)
  • Jenphie (Jen/si and So/phie)
  • Sojensi (Jensi and So/phie)
  • Fabblos (Sophie F/oster and Jensi B/abblos)
  • Jenso (Jens/i and So/phie)


Book 1: Keeper of the Lost Cities[]

Book 5: Lodestar[]

  • When Sophie and Fitz teleport to Foxfire, Jensi is seen in the Healing Center.
  • Jensi apologizes for not hanging out with them lately. Sophie gives him a hug and says that he belongs wherever he wants to be.
  • Jensi is among the three in their hemisphere (including Sophie and Magnate Leto) to successfully outward channel. Sophie compliments him on this and he seems quite surprised, going off to tell his friends about it.

Similarities and Differences[]



  • Sophie has brown eyes, while Jensi has blue eyes.
  • Sophie has manifested multiple abilities, while Jensi has not yet manifested, as far as we know.
  • Sophie has blonde hair and Jensi has brown hair.
  • Jensi has never (to our knowledge) almost died.
  • Jensi is not part of the Black Swan, that we know of. 
  • Jensi is part of the Drooly Boys while Sophie is not. 

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