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Sophitz/Fitzphie is the romantic/platonic pairing between Sophie Elizabeth Foster and Fitzroy Avery Vacker. From regularly holding hands to crying on each other's shoulders, it is evident that the two are very close.

Ever since they first met in the San Diego Natural History Museum in the first book, Sophie has been attracted to Fitz. These feelings cause her to blush and her heart to flutter when she is around him. The two hold hands often, mostly during Cognate training, for moral support, and to express affection.

Throughout the series, Sophie and Fitz have had a unique bond that has allowed them to become Cognates as their trust in one another increased. They share most of their secrets with one another, comfort each other in troubling times, and understand one another's minds.

Both are always concerned for the other’s well being, sometimes above their own, and provide each other with support. Sophie and Fitz clearly find one another attractive as shown by frequent compliments. They share many romantic moments, most coming in the form of giving thoughtful gifts.

They admitted their romantic feelings for each other in Book 7: Flashback, and began to date in Book 8: Legacy. However they later broke up, when Sophie said she just wanted her friend back. It is unknown whether they will date and have a romantic relationship again.

Pairing Names

  • Sophitz: (Soph/ie, F/itz) (Fitz continuously shows a preference to this over Fitzphie, especially in deleted scenes.)
  • Fitzphie: (Fitz, So/phie) (Keefe dubbed them this, and uses it when referring to them)
  • Sofitz: (So/phie, Fitz)
  • Foscker: (Fos/ster, Va/cker)
  • Vaster: (Va/cker, Fo/ster)
  • Fitzter: (Fitz, Fos/ter)



Book 1: Keeper of the Lost Cities

  1. Sophie thinks Fitz is cute when she sees him at the museum.
  2. Fitz tells her to hold his hand while they light leap and Sophie's heart flutters. (Pg.19)
  3. Sophie forgets to let go of Fitz's hand when they finish light leaping, and she realizes how hard she's been squeezing it. (Pg.20)
  4. Sophie doesn't want Fitz to leave and her knees shake. She asks if she'll ever see him again and he promises he'll be back tomorrow as if he has never been in doubt. (Pg.32)
  5. Sophie blushes when Fitz asks her if she misses him. "Missed me bad, huh?" (Pg.44)
  6. Fitz agrees with Alden that Sophie's eyes are pretty, and she blushes. (Pg.50)
  7. Fitz let her cry on his shoulder when she had to leave her human life behind. (Pg.110)
  8. Fitz makes sure Sophie has Ella and tries to calm her down before she sees Elwin and says she can punch him if anything bad happens. (Pg.116)
  9. Sophie does not think she could have gotten through leaving her parents without Fitz.
  10. Fitz insists that Sophie should not thank him, as he knew what was going to happen. (Pg.123)
  11. Fitz chuckles when Sophie shrieks upon seeing Della appear, and Sophie blushes.
  12. Fitz doesn't mind Sophie smearing snot and drool all over his jacket when she has to leave her human parents.
  13. Sophie tries to be brave when going to Elwin in front of Fitz.
  14. Fitz comforts her, and tells her that nothing would hurt.
  15. When Fitz smiles at Sophie, she beams, and her heart flutters.
  16. When Dex points this out, Sophie blushes.
  17. At midterms, when Keefe teases Fitz about all the crush cuffs he got, and Sophie tries not to let that bother her.
  18. Keefe teases Sophie telling her "no secret telepathic conversations", or else he will have to assume she and Fitz were flirting, then laughs as she and Fitz look anywhere but each other.

  19. Fitz wouldn't leave Sophie until Elwin let him see her and assured Fitz that she was okay after she had an allergic reaction to limbium.
  20. Fitz had also let Sophie vomit all over him and he didn't mind. (Pg.336)
  21. Fitz catches Sophie when she falls after the limbium incident, and Sophie blushes. (Pg.338)
  22. Sophie is used to Fitz's mind.
  23. When Sophie is kidnapped, her first instinct is to reach out to Fitz telepathically.
  24. Fitz saves her life when she is kidnapped, even though he is told that she is dead and would naturally be confused, and question if she were really alive, not wanting to get his hopes up.
  25. Fitz gives Sophie Ella after she almost fades, and is still recovering.

Keeper of the Lost Cities: Exile

  1. Sophie blushes when Vika shoves her into Fitz's arms and he catches her. (Pg.46)
  2. Fitz transmits to Sophie via telepathy that he thinks that her talents are awesome. (Pg.50)
  3. When Sophie finds herself stuck in a tree (from using a brain push), and nearly about to fall, Fitz jumps into the air and catches her. (Pg.167)
  4. Fitz tells Sophie how he sat next to her, giving her a dose of Fade Fuel every hour, not wanting to leave; Sophie says she would have blushed, but she couldn't because she was faded.
  5. ​​​Fitz offers Sophie his hand, and Sophie takes it
  6. Fitz apologizes for his behavior, saying he was being stupid and that he was angry, but not angry at her.
  7. Sophie forgives him without hesitation, saying that she never blamed him for being angry because he had thought he had just lost his dad. (Pg. 541-542)
  8. Fitz tells Sophie that there won't be a next time (referring to him being angry at her)
  9. Fitz tells Sophie that no matter what happens, they'll always still be friends
  10. Fitz squeezes her shoulder. (Pg. 568)

Keeper of the Lost Cities: Everblaze

  1. Sophie calls Fitz very cute. She repeats this multiple times throughout the book.
  2. Sophie hopes that Keefe can't tell that her "heart is doing the embarrassing fluttery thing it always did whenever she met Fitz's impossibly teal eyes." (Pg. 59)
  3. When Stina says Sophie is a traitor, Fitz stands up for her and defends her. (Pg. 126)
  4. While preparing for Fintan's healing, Sophie thinks that she was going to protect Fitz in every way she could.
  5. When Tiergan asks if they trust each other they both say "Yes." (Pg. 236)
  6. Sophie is the only person Fitz told about Mr. Snuggles.
  7. Fitz smiles at Sophie and thinks while Sophie is reading his mind "Sometimes, I forget how nice it is to talk to you."
  8. Fitz says how he is not going to sit back at home, he will instead stay by her side and help her in any way he can.
  9. Sophie and Fitz both note that they've trusted each other from the first day they met.
  10. When Sophie's heart changes pace after sharing secrets with Fitz, she feels like "her heart was settling into the easy comfort of knowing she was with someone who knew her better than anyone else.”
  11. Sophie tells Fitz she probably trusts him more than anyone.
  12. Fitz holds onto Sophie and tells her she's safe while she calms down after Fintan scares her. Fitz insists on going into Fintan's mind with Sophie so that he can protect her and be sure she's safe.
  13. Sophie and Fitz work together to bottle quintessence to stop the Everblaze from burning Eternalia. When Sophie says she's fine, "Fitz pulled her close, letting her cry on his shoulder." As he whispered that everything was going to be okay after the failed mind healing of Fintan (They are bottling the quintessence to stop Everblaze)

    Star catching drawn by Shannon Messenger. In the drawing, Sophie and Fitz are catching stars.

  14. Fitz and Sophie note how they both saved each other in the tower.
  15. Fitz tries to tell Sophie something, and Keefe interrupts. “Sophie’s stomach wrenched as she sat beside him. 'If you want to stop hanging out with me—' (Sophie says this to Fitz and then he responds with) 'I told you, I’m in. In fact, there’s something I have to tell you—'
  16. When Sophie forgets to ask permission to enter Fitz's mind and starts apologizing Fitz shrugs and says that he doesn't mind Sophie knowing what he's thinking because he trusts her. Sophie blushes and she says that she trusts Fitz as well.
  17. Fitz grabs Sophie's hand when they find out that somebody died in the tower.
  18. Fitz says that he would not have let Sophie be taken by King Dimitar.
  19. Fitz brings Mr. Snuggles to cheer Sophie up.
  20. Fitz suggests that they stand super close to recreate the moment of trust. When they try to recreate the moment of trust on the beach (when they were bottling quintessence), and Sophie blushes because of how close Fitz is.
  21. When Sophie apologizes for slipping into Fitz's mind all the time so easily, he insists she stop apologizing and that she has an amazing talent.
  22. Fitz and Sophie go through a number of trust exercises to help build their bond of trust, such as Sophie standing on a chair and letting Fitz catch her. Keefe finds Fitz cradling Sophie in his arms.
  23. Fitz leaves Sophie with Mr. Snuggles even though it's clear he'll miss Mr. Snuggles.
  24. Fitz comes by daily to check on Sophie.
  25. Fitz came by when Sophie was constantly under sedatives promising he was there if she needed him.
  26. Fitz tells Sophie that it's not her fault and that the Council is being idiotic.
  27. When Sophie is piling up memories of love to inflict Grady with one of her memories was of "the gentle strength of Fitz's shoulder as he'd held her and let her cry and promised her everything is going to be okay."
  28. Fitz insists on staying with Sophie to help Mr. Forkle and the elves fight.
  29. Fitz offers to cover Sophie with his cloak so she would not get frostbite.
  30. Fitz stays with Sophie, protects her from Gethen and checks on her after Gethen threatened her.
  31. While hiking to catch up with Keefe, Fitz stays behind Sophie so he can catch her if she falls.

Keeper of the Lost Cities: Neverseen

  1. When Keefe mentions having a fashion contest of their temporary human clothes and says he would win, Sophie thinks to herself about how she would have given the prize to Fitz. "-his blue scarf worked perfectly with his dark hair and teal eyes. And his fitted grey coat made him look taller, with broader shoulders and-" (Pg. 6)
  2. Before leaving to join the Black Swan, Sophie thinks "He (Fitz) was the only one who really understood what she'd lost that day, and she couldn't have gotten through it without him." (Pg. 9)
  3. Sophie feels "slightly gleeful" when the girls ogling over Fitz gasp as Fitz offers Sophie his hand and she takes it. (Pg. 33)
  4. Fitz tells Sophie that she could never let him down and that she's not allowed to worry about him.
  5. Sophie thinks about how "adorably excited," Fitz was about becoming cognates. (Pg. 97)
  6. "Yeah, Fitz can pull off anything," Sophie said (then blushed) after Fitz's hair had been dyed green by Keefe and Dex.
  7. Fitz and Sophie are compatible as cognates. Fitz beams when Granite tells them that they will be great cognates. Sophie also smiles.
  8. Sophie tells Silveny that she likes Fitz, then covers up by saying "as a friend" in case Fitz was still listening to Silveny.
  9. Fitz says she's the most powerful elf their world has ever known.
  10. Fitz says that Sophie could be either a Keeper or a Probe and that she makes the rest of them look bad.
  11. Sophie laughs and tells Fitz that Mr. Snuggles is the best.
  12. Sophie is about to tell Fitz that she likes him but Keefe interrupts.
  13. Sophie's heart flutters even though in her head she's trying to get over Fitz.
  14. Sophie says that her subconscious trusts him, even if her consciousness isn't that brave.
  15. Sophie's face flashes through Fitz's mind when he says he likes telepathy.
  16. Sophie being injured is what terrifies Fitz the most.
  17. Fitz won't give up trying to make up for being mad at Sophie while Alden's mind was broken. Sophie tells Fitz there's no need. Fitz says he'll keep trying anyway.
  18. Fitz is able to transmit to Sophie even when she is very far away.
  19. Fitz catches Sophie from falling for what must have been the 2-billionth time.
  20. Fitz tells Sophie to lean on him when she tried to lean on a frozen wall. (Pg. 321)
  21. Fitz tells Sophie "You can do this." before she opens her minds to all the prisoners in Exile, and continues to help her through the ordeal with mental energy, happy stories, and general support.
  22. Sophie screams in terror and sorrow when Fitz is skewered by the arthropleura. Sophie yells for everyone to stop fighting when Fitz is hurt. Sophie is angry at the Council for almost having Fitz killed.
  23. Sophie does her best to help Fitz heal after he is injured, by spending time with him after Physic leaves.
  24. Fitz insisted on helping Sophie down from the arch she was hanging from saying that he "would not leave her up there" when the Exillium coaches told him to stop.
  25. Fitz boosted Sophie's concentration and left Exillium to find the sick gnome with Sophie.
  26. Sophie started to feel Fitz's emotions, as well as feel their mind syncing, not just seeing them.
  27. Fitz comforts Sophie after Keefe yelled at her.
  28. Fitz says that all the trouble he went through to find Sophie was worth it. Sophie blushes when he says she is worth it.
  29. Sophie feels jealous when Fitz is impressed by Linh's powers.
  30. Shannon Messenger wrote: "They stretched out their minds, and Fitz's consciousness seemed to merge with Sophie's as they moved almost like a dance, sweeping around barriers and sidestepping defenses. When Sophie's excitement bubbled up, Fitz's steadiness slowed her down, saving her from pushing into a trap. And when Fitz grew too impatient, Sophie was there to calm his mind before he rushed the wrong direction." (Pg.500-501)
  31. Sophie reached for Fitz's hand to comfort him when he found out about Alvar's position in Neverseen.

Sophie and Fitz drawn by Shannon Messenger

Keeper of the Lost Cities: Lodestar

  1. Sophie thinks that Fitz looks cute in his Foxfire uniform.
  2. Fitz apologizes for his last present being a total fail. Sophie assures him that she'll love it.
  3. When Sophie gives Fitz his midterms gift (Ripplefluffs), he was very eager and happy, "smiling his first real smile in days." (Pg. 9)
  4. Fitz gives Sophie a set of Cognate rings. The rings have their initials on them and help with cognate training. When Fitz is worried that Sophie doesn't like the rings, she assures him that they're her "FAV," (referring to Fitz's initials on them) Sophie admits to herself that she actually likes the cognate rings a little too much.
  5. Sophie puts her hair into a sleek twisty ponytail (courtesy of Vertina) before talking to Fitz. Fitz says "Woah" when he sees Sophie. When Sophie wears her hair up, Fitz says her hair looks good, and that it really draws attention to her brown, Alicorn-inspired eyes. Later on, Fitz playfully tugs her ponytail.
  6. Sophie feels sweaty and fidgety from Fitz's attention.
  7. After the incident with Keefe and Magnate Leto's office, Fitz checks Sophie for cuts and scratches the second he sees her, making sure that Keefe didn't hurt her. During the talk, Sophie notes that Fitz can be the skeptic one and she'll be the believer and they'll keep each other in check.
  8. Sophie notices that after all the months of hard work, Fitz's support feels good and is comfortable.
  9. Before entering Prentice's mind, Fitz takes Sophie's hand to "calm her nerves." Sophie uses the last of her strength to call for Fitz's help. Fitz sends "a tidal wave of heat, launching everything up, up, up—through softness and sludginess and pain and relief until she was back in her body" When Sophie leaves Prentice's mind, she falls in Fitz's arms and he holds her close. - “shivering in a pair of warm arms that held her close and careful and wouldn’t let her fall." Fitz whispers “Shhhh. You’re back. You’re safe."
  10. When Sophie decides to return to the Neverseen hideout where she was held captive with Dex, Sophie says, "Just... don't freak out if I start bawling, okay?" and Fitz offers to let Sophie cry on his shoulder. After Sophie sees where she was restrained, Fitz holds her steady and says, "I've got you."
  11. Sophie is grumpy when Fitz tells Linh that her hydrokinesis is amazing.
  12. Fitz says that he doesn't want to sign up for a matchmaking list until one or two years have passed. The age for which elves can register for a matchmaking list is around the 5th year. Sophie is in 3rd year, and she realizes that after two years she can register for the match. This implies that Fitz is waiting for Sophie to become old enough to register.
  13. Fitz catches Sophie when she slipped on her next step. Fitz teases her that maybe he should carry her, (talking to Sophie).
  14. Fitz tells Sophie "I'll always be here if you need me."
  15. Sophie says that Fitz being injured by the arthropleura was one of the most horrible things she ever saw.
  16. When going to visit Wylie, Fitz takes Sophie's hand and leads her into Wylie's room. When Physic opens the door to Wylie's room Fitz tightens his grip on Sophie's hand. Fitz and Sophie connect minds and work together to help Wylie. When Fitz tells Wylie that one of his kidnappers was his brother, Alvar, he shakes and Sophie tightens her hold on his hand. Sophie wishes that she had time to properly comfort Fitz.
  17. After Tam says that Sophie and Keefe are really close, Fitz mumbled, "They're not that close."
  18. Sophie huddles close to Fitz to tell him about Keefe. Fitz teasingly says that he hopes Keefe isn't getting into Sophie's head too much.
  19. Fitz has heat in his eyes that makes Sophie's cheeks feel warm.
  20. Sophie's heart is pounding so loudly that she can barely hear Fitz.
  21. Fitz solves the question of how to make Gethen open up to them, and Sophie calls Fitz a genius. Fitz grins and his eyes sparkle with heat, while Sophie blushes.
  22. Fitz traces his fingers over his cognate rings and tells Sophie they make a great team. Sophie nods and says "The best."
  23. When Sophie asks Fitz if she should let Mr. Forkle trigger her Enhancer ability, he says that although their Cognate powers would benefit greatly from it, he would never put her in more danger for that.
  24. When Sophie manifests as an Enhancer, Fitz keeps holding her hand and talking about how awesome her new talent is. They both blush when Biana tells Fitz to back off and let her have a turn, or else she will 'knock him like in bramble tackle'.
  25. When Fitz says that waking up to the sight of Mr. Snuggles is the best, Sophie almost blurts out that his "glittering teal eyes" are better.
  26. While staying at Everglen, Biana chooses a red dress for Sophie to wear 'for camouflage'. Sophie sighs and says that Biana will probably turn her into her little doll. Fitz gives Sophie his most charming smile and agrees, adding: "Red is definitely your color."
  27. Fitz sits as a buffer between Sophie and Ruy. He says that he'll feel better knowing that she's safe.
  28. Fitz tells Sophie how hard it was to be trapped in a force field, watching them hurt Sophie.
  29. Fitz tells Sophie "Whatever happens next, I'm right here with you. You know that, right?" Sophie says "I do." and that "The best part was, she actually believed him.".
  30. Fitz sits next to Sophie, leaning towards her and saying, "Or, we could skip the talking." This is in the context of him trying to coax her one secret out of her. He leans forward, and the consensus among fans is that they were about to kiss when Keefe clears his throat. (Pg. 666)

Keeper of the Lost Cities: Nightfall

  1. Amy asks if Fitz is Sophie's boyfriend and says "You get all dreamy-eyed when you talk about him.”
  2. "' You know we're stronger together,' Fitz told her, and the intensity in his eyes made her mouth go dry."
  3. Sophie once again gets jealous of Linh, who 'shyly asks Fitz to help her search Candleshade,' and Fitz agrees.
  4. When Keefe claims he knows Sophie better than Fitz because he correctly guessed the number of steps Sophie would make it before she fell - Fitz corrects him, saying that it isn't that Keefe knows Sophie better. It's that Fitz has more faith in her.
  5. Fitz brings her Alvar's Radiant as a present to drop down the stairs and smash. When he brings her the present of the Radiant, and her heart skips "at least five beats." Sophie throws the Radiant and the goblins yell, but they laugh together and Sophie says it felt good."'Ugh, score one for Fitzphie,' Keefe mumbled."'
  6. Sophie tells Fitz that once she gets her parents back, she'll do the trust exercises with him... and not hold anything back (since she was hiding her crush on him.) Fitz smiles and it makes Sophie's insides flip, and then flip again when Fitz says that it might be better than she thinks.
  7. She reaches out to Fitz right after the episode with Dimitar, and he rushes over with a present. She tells him everything.
  8. When Biana and Sandor are complaining about Fitz's cologne, Sophie says that she likes it.
  9. Sophie blushes as she remembers he brought her pudding puffs he made himself, and how his eyes were concerned and prideful and "something she couldn’t quite put her finger on that had made it very hard to breathe."
  10. Marella asks if Fitzphie is official and Sophie blushes and doesn't know what to say.
  11. Dex sees Sophie and Fitz holding hands and Sophie becomes flustered and pulls away. She tries not to look at both of them, showing that she doesn’t want to hurt Fitz‘s feelings.
  12. Fitz brings Sophie custard bursts that he made himself, in a small box wrapped with teal ribbon (Sophie's favorite color).
  13. He brushes custard off the corner of her mouth, and Sophie's face turns nuclear.
  14. Fitz says 'For what it's worth, I'll be hoping you register', as he hopes Sophie will be on his list.
  15. Fitz and the others walk in on Sophie and Keefe hugging and Fitz asks if “he was interrupting something”. His jaw was also clenched, showing he was mad and jealous of Sophie/Keefe.
  16. Fitz hugs her and promises everything will be alright after Mr. Forkle reveals Nightfall's purpose.
  17. He shoves Keefe out of the way to offer her a mental boost.
  18. Fitz comes over to check on her every night especially when she was in her ‘zombie mode'.
  19. Starting sometime during Nightfall, Fitz had been reaching out telepathically every night to check on Sophie. (Pg. 790)
  20. There is a strange edge to Fitz's words as he responds to Keefe asking to visit Alvar with them.
  21. Fitz is jealous when Keefe drapes his arm around Sophie's shoulders.
  22. Sophie and Fitz decide to visit Alvar together. Sophie says it's like "she was the only thing keeping (Fitz) steady. And maybe she was."

Keeper of the Lost Cities: Flashback

  1. Alden asked Sophie to attend Alvar's tribunal as emotional support for Fitz. (Before the beginning of Flashback) Fitz tells Sophie: I'm glad you're here. And Sophie says "So am I." "Fitz's hand shook and Sophie tightened her hold twining her gloved fingers with his as Councillor Emery closed his eyes and rubbed his temples." (Pg. 15-20)
  2. Sophie visits Fitz to help him with the council's verdict on Alvar. Fitz rants to Sophie about Alvar and his family's reputation problems. Sophie recalls how much Fitz has done for her and tells it to him, making him smile. (Pg. 72) Fitz says he will help Sophie search Everglen, even if it meant going near Alvar. (Pg. 74) He also says, "I can't do this without you."
  3. The two joke with each other.
  4. The Neverseen attack Sophie, Fitz, and their bodyguards. Both Sophie and Fitz are beside themselves with worry for each other and try to protect each other.
  5. Sophie thinks Fitz is adorable sleeping with Mr. Snuggles. (Pg. 176)
  6. Sophie transmits to Fitz, telling him how lonely she is. Fitz finally wakes up when Sophie transmits, What if I want you to wake up because I miss you? (Pg. 255)
  7. Sophie's face bursts into flames when Fitz tells her that he heard her voice when she transmitted to him. (Pg. 267) He goes on to say, By the way," he murmured, pressing Mr. Snuggles against his heart. "I missed you too." (Pg. 267)
  8. "Team Fitzphie for the win!" Fitz said. (pg. 282 hardcover)
  9. "Well, you should a little," Livvy argued. "Since I'm betting Pretty Boy's going to spend most of his time staring at you as he listens to your dreams." (pg. 292 hardcover)
  10. Fitz physically feeds Sophie her elixirs when she has trouble doing so herself.
  11. When Fitz hugs Sophie before leaving for the healing center Sophie can't help leaning closer, "when she realized his pulse felt as crazy as hers."
  12. Their eyes lock and Fitz tells her she is the only one he trusts. Sophie tells Fitz that she trusts him too. Sophie wonders if him saying that he trusts her meant something more.
  13. Fitz shows Sophie where the override for Everglen is because she is the only one he trusts.
  14. Sophie can't help but stare in amazement at Fitz's portrait, and then she starts crying because she can't hold in her feelings any longer. Fitz shows immediate concern and takes her hands.
  15. Fitz confesses that he only wants to see Sophie's name on his matchmaking list. (pg. 583) Fitz suddenly says, "I want it to be you." two times when he tells Sophie that he wants her name on his list. Sophie tells him that she's had a crush on him from the moment they met.
  16. "Fitz laughed and took her other hand, holding on in a way that felt different from all the other times they'd held hands before--like he was never going to let her go again." (Pg. 586)
  17. Fitz then claims that he has a new goal, which is to get her to trust him. Sophie says that she does trust him, then he says, "then trust this" and they are about to kiss when Silveny interrupts.
  18. After they bring the Hekses to Silveny and Greyfell and sees them, Sophie begins to fall but Fitz catches her and pulls her against him.
  19. Fitz comforts Sophie when they learn the baby alicorns are going to die. Sophie notes that Grady and Edaline seem very interested in how she was all wrapped up in Fitz.
  20. When Tam and Wylie look suspiciously at Sophie leaning on Fitz, Sophie says to herself, Fitz didn't seem to care, and that his shoulder was quickly becoming her favorite place in the world.
  21. Fitz spins Sophie around after Silveny successfully gives birth and the twins are transported. She doesn't even care that Stina is watching them closely, she just cares that she's holding onto Fitz.
  22. Later at Havenfield, Sophie and Fitz are sitting under the Panakes tree together. While the two are sitting there, Edaline and Grady keep giving Sophie a lot of raised eyebrows and sappy smiles. Sophie asks him if it's possible to die from embarrassment, and Fitz says, "If you think they're bad, wait until my parents find out about us." (Pg. 658)
  23. When Sophie realizes that Fitz used the word us and that they're now a thing, she can't decide whether she wants to do a cartwheel or bury her face in her hands. She tells him, "I do like you, Fitz. You... you have no idea how much." (Pg. 661)
  24. Sophie starts to belittle herself, and Fitz says, "... Sometimes I wish you saw yourself a little clearer, so you'd actually believe me when I tell you this. You're brilliant and talented and beautiful..."
  25. Fitz brushes tears out of her face, and Sophie "pretty much melted against his hand."
  26. When they agree to be there for each other, Fitz says, "just trust me, Sophie."
  27. Fitz kisses Sophie on the cheek and whispers "trust me" again. Sophie says that even though it wasn't everything, it was a real beginning, and that was more than enough.
  28. Edaline says, "...there's nothing embarrassing about the way he (Fitz) was looking at you, Sophie. That boy is smitten."
  29. Keefe says that he's pretty sure the whole group was waiting for Sophie and Fitz to figure it out. Keefe teases Sophie by making an impression of her feelings towards Fitz. Keefe later tells Sophie that she and Fitz are perfect for each other.
  30. After returning to Foxfire, Sophie tries to act inconspicuous about her and Fitz. She chooses not to sit next to him at lunch but instantly regrets when she sees the hurt in his eyes. Sophie apologizes later, and Fitz immediately forgives her.
  31. They hold hands (which gives Sophie "a zillion tingles") and Fitz admits that he'd been looking forward to sitting next to her all day.
  32. Fitz checks on Sophie telepathically every night after school. They also sit next to each other every day during lunch.
  33. Fitz hands her a box, and inside is a teal heart necklace. Fitz puts the necklace on her, and Sophie was pretty sure she didn't breathe the entire time he was doing it. Sophie realizes that everyone will be able to see the necklace, but decides that that's not a bad thing.
  34. When Fitz is struggling with what to do about Alvar, Sophie transmits to him, "I don't want to lose you." which changes his mind.
  35. Sophie is worried that Fitz blames her for Alvar's second betrayal, but he insists that he isn't mad at her.
  36. Marella refers to Fitz as Sophie's boyfriend, and she doesn't deny it. (Pg. 830)
  37. Fitz spins Sophie around and hugs her tightly for the second time. (Pg. 836)
  38. Sophie asks Biana how long Fitz has had a crush on her. Biana tells Sophie that Fitz has been crazy for her for a while. Biana and Sophie talk about how much Sophie and Fitz are meant for each other. (Pg. 837)
  39. Sophie goes to visit the matchmakers for Fitz even though she isn't a fan of the system. Sophie reaches for Fitz's necklace, reminding herself of why she's doing this. (Pg. 838-842)

Keeper of the Lost Cities: Flashback Fitz's POV

  1. Biana says that Fitz and Sophie looked "cozy" in the healing center, and she was shocked that he hadn't told her his feelings for her yet.
  2. Fitz admits that he likes Sophie several times.
  3. When Biana asks Fitz why he hasn't told Sophie yet, he says he's waiting for the right time.
  4. Biana confirms that Fitz has had a crush on Sophie ever since he was stabbed by the arthropleura in Exile during Neverseen (book 4).
  5. Fitz gave her (Biana) a look that hopefully said None of your business. And honestly, Sophie wasn't the only reason he was smiling - though it had been awesome to hear her voice again. He hadn't realized how much he'd missed her.
  6. Fitz lays on his bed with a dopey grin on his face every time something happens with him and Sophie.

Keeper of the Lost Cities: Legacy

  1. When Fitz came to visit Sophie after her appointment as a Regent, Sophie’s heart ‘shut down on her’.
  2. Keefe called Sophie Fitz's girlfriend and also called Fitz Sophie’s boyfriend and neither Fitz nor Sophie corrected him. (Pg. 240)
  3. Fitz called Sophie his girlfriend. ‘Fitz gritted his teeth and looked away, tearing a hand through his hair. “I just want to know what’s going on with my girlfriend. I didn’t realize that was a lot to ask.” (Pg. 242)
  4. Fitz was going to kiss Sophie until Ro interrupted. (Pg. 245-246)
  5. Fitz gives Sophie two presents; a dire wolf charm for her bracelet and a picture of a moment of the two of them.
  6. Fitz swipes away Sophie's tears.
  7. Then Fitz's feet moved closer, and Sophie noticed that Grizel's feet stayed where they were and all the other feet around her quietly snuggled away, leaving her feet and Fitz's feet alone. She held her breath, trying to brace for whatever Fitz was going to say. But he didn't say anything. He just wrapped his arms around her-gently at first. Then hugging her so much harder. Like he was afraid to let her go-and maybe he was. Because his voice filled Sophie's head, his consciousness slipping past all of her barriers so he could tell her, I know you're trying to stop yourself from worrying too much-but I can't laugh about this Sophie. This is serious. (Pg. 488)
  8. I know, she told him, digging her head deeper into the nook between his shoulder and neck and realizing how much she'd missed him-and how lucky she was that he still wanted to hold her like this after all the time she'd spent neglecting him. (Pg. 488)
  9. She nodded against him, and he shifted slightly so he could pull her even closer, one hand tangling in her hair, the other reaching up to stoke her cheek. (Pg. 489)
  10. Livvy says: "You sure make a good looking couple," and Fitz says, "We do." (Pg. 489)
  11. Fitz tells Sophie she looks really beautiful, and 'scores the most boyfriend points ever'. (Pg. 525)
  12. "They are pretty cute," Fitz noted. "Though, if you're looking for cute distractions, I'm more than happy to offer my snuggle services" He flashed a teasing smile as he stretched out his arm and patted her shoulder, inviting her to lean against him. (Pg. 526)
  13. Fitz puts a protective arm around Sophie and says sharply, "If you let anything happen to her-" "Got it," Livvy interrupted, tossing her braids again, and Sophie noticed that they glinted with tiny yellow jewels, which matched the sunny glitter Livvy had brushed against her dark skin, "And you can ease up on the worry there, Pretty Boy. I'm not gonna let anything bad happen to your sweet girl." (Pg. 490)
  14. Fitz visits Sophie when she is recovering.
  15. Fitz says he misses his girlfriend (Sophie) (Pg. 781)
  16. "You trying to tell me I smell bad?" Sophie interrupted, smiling when Fitz's eyes widened. "I'm kidding. I know that's not what you meant." Fitz replies, "I know, I just... wasn't sure if you'd ever tease me again." (Pg. 781)

Keeper of the Lost Cities: Unlocked

  1. Sophie's heart was described as "shrapnel shredding" when she thought about Fitz. (Pg. 520)
  2. "She'd gotten used to their 'breakup'--if that was even the right term for what had happened between her and Fitz. But that didn't mean she was over it. Or that part of her didn't still wish..." This implies that Sophie still likes Fitz. (Pg. 520)
  3. Keefe felt heavy emotions such as sadness, nervousness, regret, and loneliness from Fitz when Keefe mentioned Sophie.
  4. Sophie was concerned about Fitz when Councillor Alina mentioned the bodies on the floor. She later then felt guilty that she forgot about everyone else. (Pg. 576)
  5. Sophie realizes how much she missed seeing Fitz smile at her. (Pg. 629)
  6. Fitz understands why Sophie didn't tell him that she was looking for Alvar, and is very calm about it. He explains how he's trying to not get as upset from it anymore. (Pg. 633-635)
  7. Sophie notices once again that Fitz looks "ridiculously handsome". (Pg. 634)
  8. Fitz tells Sophie that he misses her and how he wants to at the very least still be friends. "I really miss you, Sophie. Not just as... whatever." (Pg. 634)
  9. Sophie wonders if Fitz still likes her. (Pg. 634)
  10. Sophie tells Fitz that she also misses him, and he smiles at her. (Pg. 635)
  11. Fitz's hand starts shaking when he asks her if they can start over and still be friends. (Pg. 635)
  12. Fitz voices his concerns for Sophie about her getting enough sleep, and tells her that talking to Keefe might help relax her. (Pg. 637)
  13. Sophie asks Fitz if his knee hurts, concerned when she remembers that it was the same leg that Umber hurt with shadowflux. (Pg. 658)

Notable Similarities and Differences


  • They are both elves.
  • They are both talented Telepaths, both having manifested at a very young age.
  • They both joined the Black Swan.
  • They both have a stuffed animal (Sophie has Ella and Fitz has Mr. Snuggles).
  • They were both enrolled at Exillium.
  • Both of their families are in the Nobility.
  • They both still love their parents, but have had a time where they felt angry at their parents.
  • Both of them have been trained by Tiergan.
  • Both of them have had echoes.
  • They both are enrolled in Foxfire.
  • They both have been to the Forbidden Cities.
  • Both of them have memory logs (Fitz’s first seen in Everblaze)
  • Both of them have had contact with humans.


  • Fitz is 17 and a Level Six at Foxfire, while Sophie is 15 and a Level Four.
  • Sophie, being genetically modified, has five abilities, while Fitz has one.
  • Sophie spent her first years in the Forbidden Cities, while Fitz has lived the entirety of his life in the Lost Cities.
  • Fitz has one family while Sophie has three (human, adopted, and genetic).
  • Fitz has Elvin siblings while Sophie (to the best of our knowledge) does not.
  • Sophie is a regent in the nobility while Fitz is not.


  • The boy she'd liked from the moment he'd found on her class field trip and showed her where she truly belonged—the boy who was so impossibly out of her league it was almost laughable—told her he wanted to see her name on his match lists. And whether she agreed with matchmaking or not, she needed her name to be there so they could be together. -Legacy
  • "We do," Fitz agreed, and Sophie was so relieved that he still thought of them as a couple that it took her brain a second to register that he'd also called her pretty - and she would've melted into a puddle of mush right then if Fitz hadn't put his arms around her again. The gesture felt protective this time, and his voice was all sharp edges as he told Livvy, "If you let anything happen to her-" "Got it," Livvy interrupted, tossing her braids again, and Sophie noticed that they glinted with tiny yellow jewels, which matched the sunny glitter Livvy had brushed against her dark skin, "And you can ease up on the worry there, Pretty Boy. I'm not gonna let anything bad happen to your sweet girl." -Legacy - Page 490
  • "They stretched out their minds, and Fitz's consciousness seemed to merge with Sophie's as they moved almost like a dance, sweeping around barriers and sidestepping defenses. When Sophie's excitement bubbled up, Fitz's steadiness slowed her down, saving her from pushing into a trap. And when Fitz grew too impatient, Sophie was there to calm his mind before he rushed the wrong direction."Neverseen - Page 500-501
  • '"So that still freaks you out, huh? That might be proof that it still needs to happen." [Fitz's] eyes locked onto hers, refusing to let her look away. And when she swallowed, it was so loud, she was sure the entire world heard it. " Or," he said, " we could skip the talking." And do what?" she asked, hating her voice for cracking. " Any ideas?" He was so close now, she could feel his breath warming her cheeks"' Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities: Lodestar (p. 666)
  • ' ... his most charming smile and adds, "Red is definitely your color."' - (Fitz to Sophie) Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities: Lodestar
  • “I don’t mind having you know what I’m thinking, Sophie. I trust you. Her cheeks turned warm. I trust you, too.” Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities: Everblaze
  • "She liked them [the cognate rings], a little too much actually." Lodestar
  • "The smile he flashed belonged on a movie screen, and Sophie's heart did a weird fluttery thing." Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities
  • "Her heart did that stupid fluttery thing again and her skin tingled everywhere he touched." Keeper of the Lost Cities
  • "... clinging to the one memory that could shine a tiny spot of light in this thick inky haze. A pair of beautiful eyes. Fitz's eyes." Keeper of the Lost Cities
  • "His mind went quiet, and Sophie figured he'd dozed off with the others. But right as her mind started to drift, he added, I'll always be here when you need me." Lodestar (pg. 269)
  • "But he was also the boy who'd shown up on her class field trip and shown her where she really belonged. The one who'd let her cry on his shoulder when she had to leave her family, and who'd gone out searching for her in the middle of nowhere, just because he'd heard her voice in his head."
  • "I'll always remember that you found me and brought me to the Lost Cities and showed me where I really belong. And that you came when I called for help and saved me from fading away. And that you left everything behind to go with me when I joined the Black Swan. Need me to keep going? Because I can."
  • "She studied the relaxed lines of his features. The soft flutter of his long, dark eyelashes. The adorable way his arms cradled Mr. Snuggles against his bandaged chest. I don't know what to do. She hadn't meant to transmit the words, but it felt... good to say them. And it wasn't like he could hear her. He hadn't flinched. His breathing hadn't changed rhythm. So she told him, I really wish you were awake. He let out a snuffly snore, which gave her the courage to ask, What if I just want you to wake up because I'm tired of fighting the echoes all by myself? That wasn't the right question, though. What if I want you to wake up because I miss you?"
  • "...there's nothing embarrassing about the way he was looking at you, Sophie. That boy is smitten."
  • “Sophie had just enough strength left to wrap her mind around the gleaming shards and transmit a call for Fitz’s help. He sent a tidal wave of heat, launching everything up, up, up—through softness and sludginess and pain and relief until she was back in her body, shivering in a pair of warm arms that held her close and careful and wouldn’t let her fall. “Shhhh,” Fitz whispered. “You’re back. You’re safe.”
  • "Whatever happens next, I'm here with you. You know that right?” Fitz whispered. "I do." The best part was she actually believed him.
  • "I want it to be you." -Fitz, Flashback
  • "She tried to convince me to get you crush cuffs for a finals gift when you finished Level Three, but I didn't want to pressure you like that." He stepped closer, reaching for her hands and sounding so adorably shy as he told her, "But... if you want some, I'd go get them in a heartbeat." -Fitz Vacker, Flashback
  • "No pressure. No time limit. You set the pace and I'll just...follow your lead. But I'll always be right here whenever you're ready–– well, not right here, because that'd get a bit creepy. But... you know what I mean, right?"
  • "Friends was way better than little sister." - Narration (Sophie's thoughts) about Fitz, Keeper of the Lost Cities
  • “I’m so tired of trying to hide the fact that the only name I want to see on my lists is . . . yours.” ― Fitzroy Avery Vacker to Sophie Elizabeth Foster, Book 7: Flashback
  • “Sophie fought off her smile as Fitz kicked the sand, stirring up a coppery cloud. He was so determined to be angry that it was honestly kind of adorable.”

― Shannon Messenger, Flashback

  • “Sophie turned to him, so relieved to see his beautiful eyes staring at her that she didn’t care he’d been eavesdropping.”

― Shannon Messenger, Flashback

  • “It made her wish her Polyglot ability worked for translating Cute Boy so she could figure out if that was supposed to be a compliment.”

― Shannon Messenger, Flashback

  • “What I was still out of it, I heard your voice in my head- I think it’s why I woke up.”

Her face tried its best to burst into flames. “Sorry, I-“

“Don’t be,” he interrupted. “I’m glad I’m awake.”

“So am I,” she admitted. “But... you have to be super careful, okay?”

“I will if you will,” he made her promise.

He waited for her to meet his eyes, and when she did, he gave her the sweetest smile she’d ever seen.

“By the way,” he murmured, pressing Mr. Snuggles against his heart. “I missed you too.” ― Shannon Messenger, Flashback

  • “Just more proof that Fitzphie’s the best,” Fitz told him, with a wink that shouldn’t have made Sophie’s heart flutter. But hearts could be foolish things.” ― Shannon Messenger, Flashback


  • Fitz was the first person to introduce Sophie to her true identity as an elf.
  • Fitz had been looking for Sophie since he was six years old, for over 9 years.
  • Fitz is one of the two people whom Sophie trusts enough to let into her mind (the other one being the elf that created her, Mr. Forkle.)
  • Fitz's real name (Fitzroy) can be split into two parts, Fitz and Roy. A meaning of Fitz is, "Son of the king" and the meaning of Roy is, "king/seeker of wisdom." Sophie's name means "wisdom," which could mean that Fitz is seeking Sophie.
  • Fitz says that the words he uses to enter Sophie's mind are "It's me."


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