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Sophie and Biana, Sophiana, or Biophie is the friendship/romantic pairing of Biana Amberly Vacker and Sophie Elizabeth Foster.

Pairing Names

  • Bianie (Bian/a and Soph/ie)
  • Soana (Bi/ana and So/phie)
  • Biophie (Bi/ana and S/ophie)
  • Sophiana (Soph/ie and B/iana)
  • Siana (S/ophie and B/iana)
  • Sophana (Soph/ie and Bi/ana)
  • Bophie (B/iana and S/ophie)
  • Mysterious Miss V (Mysterious Miss/ F and Biana/ V/acker)


Keeper of the Lost Cities

  • Sophie thinks that Biana has "all of her parents' best features, combined in the best way possible."
  • Sophie "lost the will to resist under Biana's glare".
  • Biana scowls when her mom, Della, says that Sophie is going to be "'quite the heartbreaker'".
  • When Della asks Biana if Sophie "looks pretty today", Biana shrugs and avoids answering.
  • Sophie catches Biana's eye and thinks they are "set into Biana's perfect face".
  • Biana nervously invites Sophie to come over after school.
  • Biana is jealous when Keefe wraps an arm around Sophie's shoulders.
  • Biana says that Sophie "'can be [her] base quest partner anytime'" and grins at Sophie.
  • Sophie admits to "actually having fun-with Biana, of all people'".
  • Biana is happy when Sophie accidentally invites herself over.
  • Biana is upset when Sophie is mad at her for lying about why they are friends now.
  • The second Sophie is allowed to have visitors, Biana runs in and throws her arms around Sophie, crying. Biana says that she "'really [is Sophie's] friend'". Sophie says "'Forget about it, okay? We're still friends'", and accepts Biana's tearful apology.

Keeper of the Lost Cities: Exile

  • Sophie mentally describes Biana as "a beautiful girl [her] age with long dark hair."
  • Biana makes sure that Sophie is okay and assures her that she's not a freak.
  • Biana gently teases Sophie about being an Inflictor and smiles at her.
  • Sophie and Biana agree that "'sparkles make everything better'".
  • Biana invites Sophie to come over the day after Jolie's death anniversary.
  • According to Sophie, Biana "dipped the final curtsy with a natural grace".
  • Biana firmly tells Stina that she is not pretending to be Sophie's best friend and that the two actually are friends.
  • Sophie helps calm Biana down when Stina is trying to get her all riled up.
  • Stina calls Sophie and Biana "'cute.'"
  • Biana says that Sophie has to stay for dinner.
  • Biana stops Della from embarrassing Sophie.
  • Biana tells Sophie that "'red is definitely [her] color.'"
  • Biana laughs and says that Sophie "'never does anything the normal way.'"
  • Sophie thinks that Biana "[looks] ten times better than everyone else."
  • Sophie offers to talk to Biana about Alden instead of Fitz talking to her.
  • Biana hugs Sophie and tearfully apologizes to her, saying "'I don't blame you if you hate me.'"
  • Sophie calls herself weird, and Biana says that she likes weird.
  • Biana squeezes Sophie's shoulders.

Keeper of the Lost Cities: Everblaze

  • Sophie thinks that Biana has "never looked more like her strikingly beautiful mother."
  • Sophie is glad that she and Biana are "finally in a good place."
  • Biana invites herself over to Sophie's house.
  • Sophie tells Biana that all of Jolie's incredible dresses will "'look way better on [her]'".
  • Biana urges Sophie to please trust her, and Sophie agrees.
  • Sophie thinks that "telling Biana [feels] easier than telling Keefe".
  • Biana excitedly tells Fitz that Sophie is letting her help out.
  • Instead of spilling Sophie's secrets to Fitz, Biana tells him they aren't [her] secrets to share.
  • Biana invites herself over to Sophie's house a second time, and the two share some mallowmelt.
  • Biana doesn't care if people hate her because she's friends with Sophie, and she makes sure Sophie knows it.
  • Biana says she doesn't care that she's "'stuck outside the Wanderling Woods instead of standing in the receiving line with the normal people'".
  • Biana says that Sophie is her best friend.
  • Biana says that Sophie's supposed aura of doom sounds like "'[her] kind of party.'"
  • Biana wanted to come with Fitz to see Sophie.
  • Biana asks if she can help when Sophie is forced to wear the ability restrictor.
  • Biana comes and visits Sophie every day when Sophie is in her sedative-induced haze.
  • Biana says that she could never be as brave as Sophie.
  • Biana doesn't care that Sophie is "'basically the Council's number one enemy'".
  • Biana says that if Sophie wrapped herself in neon green feathers and started walking around roaring like a dinosaur, Biana would still hang out with Sophie, although Biana would want pink feathers.
  • Sophie "[feels] calm respect for Biana, who always [comes] back, no matter how much [they fight]".
  • Biana offers to cover Sophie and share part of her cloak.
  • Sophie feels "like Biana [has] awoken some sort of beast and let it tear around inside her".
  • Biana helps Sophie to her feet and wraps Sophie's arm around her shoulders.
  • Biana assures Sophie that she is ready to run away to join the Black Swan with Sophie.
  • Biana says that she will always be there to help Sophie.

Keeper of the Lost Cities: Neverseen

  • Biana stares when Keefe puts his arm over Sophie's shoulders.
  • Sophie ignores Keefe but listens to Biana, finally relenting to getting gelato
  • Sophie implies that Biana "'look[s] like [a model]'".
  • Biana says "'only Stina and her bratty friends'" think Sophie's eyes make her a freak, and "'everyone else thinks they're striking and unique.'"
  • Mr. Forkle suggests that someone hold Sophie's hand while she gets her memory back, and Sophie picks Biana over Dex and Keefe.
  • Instead of simply holding Sophie's hand, Biana "'wrap[s] an arm around Sophie's waist and ha[s] Sophie lean against her.'"
  • Sophie thinks that Biana "ma[kes] it all seem effortless - even her matching lip gloss."
  • Biana can't sleep and asks if she can sleep in Sophie's bed with her.
  • Sophie thinks that "the soft sound of Biana's breathing ma[kes] the room feel warmer."
  • Sophie assures Biana that they're going to stop the Neverseen.
  • Biana asks Sophie to go first into the tunnel Calla creates, "her eyes pleading 'you first".
  • Sophie "reache[s] for Biana's hand, glad Biana's palm fe[els] as clammy as hers."
  • Biana doesn't want to split up from Sophie, saying that they should "'walk back at least part of the way together.'"
  • Sophie says that it's a good thing Biana was there when Calla stopped by and that Biana "'stopped [Sophie] from making a ton of dangerous mistakes'", and Biana blushes.
  • Sophie says that Biana is "'brilliant'" and that she "'saved [them]'", and Biana smiles and responds with "'anytime'".
  • Biana asks if Iggy can sleep in her room since her room "'feels so empty at night'", and blushes.
  • Sophie says that Iggy likes Biana, and Biana says that she likes him too.
  • Sophie finds out that Keefe kissed Biana "'mostly on the cheek'" and blushes "redder than Mr. Snuggles."
  • Biana tries to go help Sophie rescue the hurt gnome, but her Coach stops her.

Keeper of the Lost Cities: Lodestar

  • Biana tells Sophie that she looks amazing in red.

Keeper of the Lost Cities: Nightfall

  • Biana admits that Sophie "can be kinda oblivious when it comes to this stuff."
  • Sophie is very worried about Biana when she hears her scream and lets Sandor and Grizel take her parents while she goes to find Biana.
  • When Sophie tries to enhance Alvar when he was drugged on soporidine, Biana holds onto Sophie's waist to support her.

Keeper of the Lost Cities: Unlocked

  • Sophie thought “Biana flashed her loveliest grin”.
  • Biana blushed when looking at Sophie.
  • Biana felt awkward talking about Sophie and Fitz's relationship.
  • Sophie didn’t feel right talking about her love life with Biana.
  • Biana tries to comfort Sophie and Fitz.

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  • Sophie's favorite color is teal, the same color as Biana's eyes.

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