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Solinhiana is the romantic/friendship pairing of Sophie Foster, Linh Song, and Biana Vacker. As of now in canon, they remain good friends and work very well together.

Pairing Names[]

  • Solinhiana (So/phie, Linh, and B/iana)
  • Biophinh (Bi/ana, S/ophi/e, and Li/nh)
  • Lianophie (Li/nh, B/ian/a, and S/ophie)


Keeper of the Lost Cities: Nightfall[]

Separate Moments[]

Sophie and Biana:[]

  1. Sophie thinks that Biana has "all of her parents' best features, combined in the best way possible."
  2. Sophie catches Biana's eye and thinks her eyes are "set into Biana's perfect face".
  3. The second Sophie is allowed to have visitors, Biana runs in and throws her arms around Sophie, crying.
  4. According to Sophie, Biana "dipped the final curtsy with a natural grace".
  5. Stina calls Sophie and Biana "'cute.'"
  6. Sophie describes Biana as "[looking] like she was ready to have her picture taken. Her fitted teal tunic - the exact same shade as her eyes - had intricate pink embroidery that matched her perfectly glossed lips. She'd also swept her dark wavy hair back with jeweled combs, which sparkled with every step".
  7. Sophie thinks that Biana "[looks] ten times better than everyone else."
  8. Sophie offers to talk to Biana about Alden instead of Fitz talking to her.
  9. Sophie quickly assures Grady that no boy made her want to "'read a bunch of gooey love letters.'"
  10. Sophie thinks that "telling Biana feels easier than telling Keefe".
  11. Biana came and visited Sophie every day when Sophie was in her sedative-induced haze.
  12. Sophie "[feels] calm respect for Biana, who always [comes] back, no matter how much [they fight]".
  13. Biana says that she will always be there to help Sophie.
  14. Mr. Forkle suggests that someone hold Sophie's hand while she gets her memory back, and Sophie picks Biana over Dex and Keefe, and instead of simply holding Sophie's hand, Biana "'wraps an arm around Sophie's waist and has Sophie lean against her.'"
  15. Biana can't sleep and asks if she can sleep in Sophie's bed with her, and Sophie thinks that "the soft sound of Biana's breathing makes the room feel warmer."
  16. Biana tells Sophie "red is [her] color."

Biana and Linh:[]

  1. Biana compliments Linh's hair.
  2. Biana defends Linh by saying "Aw, Linh has awesome control."

Linh and Sophie:[]

  1. "Linh gasped at the heat that shot between her and Sophie."
  2. "Linh's silver-tipped strands drifted gracefully around her face."
  3. "'I'll help any way I can,' Sophie promised, twining their fingers together and sending a fresh rush of tingly heat through her [Linh's] skin."
  4. "'You look beautiful,' Sophie promised. Linh always did."
  5. "All elves were inherently gorgeous, but Linh was especially striking with her soft pink cheeks and lips contrasted against her dramatic eyes and hair."
  6. "'How's it going there, by the way?' Sophie asked. Linh smiled. 'It keeps getting better- thanks to you.'"
  7. "Linh was so sweet and pretty and always doing supercool water tricks."
  8. Linh makes Sophie a “Happy Shadow Thoughts” tunic as a gift while Sophie's arm is healing during the events of Flashback.
  9. Sophie is jealous at the thought of Linh and Fitz being a couple.

Similarities and Differences[]


  • They all are female.
  • They all have already manifested at least once.
  • They all are elves.
  • They all have attended Exillium.
  • They all currently attend Foxfire.
  • They all hate the Neverseen.
  • All of their families are in the Nobility
  • They all hold the unpopular opinion that their 'glittering world is full of cracks', yet most elves deny it.
  • They are all in the Black Swan