Sophie's iPod is one of the only things she brought with her to the Lost Cities. Sophie uses this iPod in the Forbidden Cities to drown out the human thoughts that crowded her brain by listening to music. After deciding to bring it with her the Lost Cities, as something to remember, she realizes she can not charge it and it dies. The first time Dex came over to her house, he found her iPod and told her that he could make it solar-powered. He gave it to her as a Midterms gift, and she responded by saying that it was the best gift he could have ever give her. Sophie also uses this iPod when she finds out Grady and Edaline canceled her adoption. Later, Dex makes it so that it can pick up wifi signals. It was revealed in Nightfall that Dex was planning to give her crush cuffs before wimping out and giving her the iPod instead.

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