“And yet, it was the first place she'd thought of when Keefe had said 'home.'”

Sophie Foster, in Everblaze

Book 1: Keeper of the Lost Cities Edit

Sophie's Human Home is the home she grew up in with the Fosters. It is located in San Diego, California.

In the first book of the series, Sophie starts out at a museum, near her home. After Fitz arrives to show her that she was an elf, she goes back to her house to face the wrath of her parents. The next morning, the jogger (Gethen), tried to capture her. Luckily, Mr. Forkle made the jogger back down so Sophie was safe. Later, Sophie had to drug her family in their house so their memories of her would be erased.

Book 3: Everblaze Edit

At the beginning of this book, Sophie and Keefe takes an accidental detour to Sophie's Human Home while attempting to visit Silveny at the Sanctuary, due to the fact that Sophie cannot teleport through solid objects, such as the force field surrounding it. The whole house is empty, with locked doors and closed blinds. Humans could not see the house because there were Obscurers surrounding it. The only evidence of her old life is her family's initials etched into the concrete. There, Sophie notices that the garden gnomes in Mr. Forkle's garden were arranged in the pattern of Cygnus, the constellation. Cygnus means "swan" so the Black Swan must have been trying to contact her. Sure enough, when she checked where the last star should have been located, she found the bottle that she drank an entire ounce of Limbium from in order to reset her abilities. Inside it was a note that read, "Wait for instructions and stick to the plan." Frustrated, Sophie and Keefe leaped to Candleshade to use the Leapmaster to light-leap to the Sanctuary.

Book 4: Neverseen Edit

Although Sophie never visits her human home in Neverseen, it is present in the memory that Mr. Forkle returned to her upon arriving at Alluveterre. She was skeptical about whether she could trust him or not, so he offers to return her memory of the Boy Who Disappeared. In the memory, Sophie was sitting outside, reading. She saw a boy, standing by a nearby tree. She could not make out his face because he was wearing an addler[1]. She blinked, and he was gone. Not believing her eyes, she stood up to run into her house, but her toe caught on the concrete, causing her to fall. She was knocked unconscious and remained so while Mr. Forkle triggered her telepathy.

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  1. {1} an adler is an Elvin device that makes it impossible to focus on the wearer' s face
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