Sophie's Beaded Necklace was given to her by Keefe in Neverseen. Keefe originally made it for his mother (Lady Gisela), designed to match her favorite bracelet, but she never wore it. Keefe said that he, “Really thought she would, she even defended it,” because Lord Cassius (his father) had thought he had wasted a whole afternoon making it instead of doing his homework. Lady Gisela had said she thought it was pretty. Keefe gave the necklace to Sophie before she asked the Councillors to set Silveny and Greyfell free.

At the end of Book 4: Neverseen, When Keefe leaves with the Neverseen, he helps Sophie escape to Havenfield using a tiny leaping crystal in one of the beads.

Description[edit | edit source]

A beaded necklace with a different flower painted on each bead. Each flower had such intricate details it looked like a photograph. One bead was a Panakes that was blue, purple, and pink, with a tiny crystal on the largest petal that looked like a sprinkle of dew. This crystal also doubles as a Leaping Crystal.

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