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Basic Information


The Songs are a distinguished elvin family, but they are scorned because of the pair of twins, Tam Song and Linh Song. Tam and Linh lived in Choralmere, until their parents decided that they wouldn't stand up for their children after the Council decided to banish Linh due to an accidental flood. It is a residence overlooking the ocean, described as being a "glittering prison" by Tam. Their parents take public images very seriously, as shown when they chose to banish Linh from the Lost Cities because she had ruined the family name by nearly flooding Atlantis, and also because they wanted to be free of the shame of twins so that their family name would not suffer anymore. The surname "Song" (originally "Tong") comes from many different human Asian cultures—it can be a Chinese, a Vietnamese, or a Korean surname. The first names of the family members are of Vietnamese origin, implying that they are the elvin representation of a Vietnamese person. However, they have been described as looking like "K-pop idols" or "like they'd stepped straight out of anime", so the distinction between the different cultures has been blurred when it comes to the Songs.

Family Issues[]


It has been shown that both Linh and Mai are gentle people with very soft personalities, meanwhile Tam and Quan are harder people with more bitter personalities. This is probably why Linh and Mai are more willing to apologize and make amends with each other while Tam and Quan have a harder time doing so. Tam and Mai also seem to be more introverted, while Linh is just quiet, and Quan is more on the extroverted side.


Quan Song (Father)[]

Quan Song is harsh and rude to his children, however, he deeply cares about his wife, Mai.

Mai Song (Mother)[]

Mai Song is shown in Book 5 and Book 6, stating that she wants to start over with the twins and wanted them back in her life.

Tam Song (son, twin with Linh) []

Tam Song is a Shade. He appears to be creepy when Sophie and her friends after first seeing each other in Exillium. He chose to be banished with Linh and stood up for her, ruining his parents' plan to tell everyone Tam was an only child.

Linh Song (daughter, twin with Tam) []

Linh Song was the Hydrokinetic who saved Sophie Elizabeth Foster in Exillium after Sophie had used her Black Swan Monocle Pendant to cast a white fire in order to break through her ropes. Linh was supposed to be ejected from Exillium for helping Sophie, but was spared to the fact that she put out the rest of the fire. She is loyal, playful, and kind.