Somnalene is a medicine that helps you sleep. Edaline had bought some for Sophie since she had trouble sleeping. It was mentioned on page 324 of Everblaze (paperback). The vial it is packaged in is described as small and narrow, no wider than a finger. It is covered in tiny silver dots and the lid felt squishy to the touch. The liquid is silver colored and is actually nectar from a flower. You don't drink it, you use an eyedropper to put one drop in each eye. The effect as Sophie describes it is "like she had a tiny universe tucked inside her mind." It's called midnighting and its supposed to remind us how big the world really is, and that "one person is not the source of anything--its millions of pieces all working together. And it shows us that there's always hope--always light. No matter how much darkness we might be facing."

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