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Solreef is Tiergan's house, also occupied by Wylie, Linh, and Tam. It is a private island, and Wylie's bedroom is the size of three rooms. Because of the events of Legacy, Tiergan increased the house's security significantly.

In Book 8.5: Unlocked, Linh moved out, when Glimmer moved in.

It is in the Lost Cities somewhere in South Africa.[1]

Unlocked Description[]

Given to Sir Tiergan's intense desire for privacy - particularly after what happened with Prentice Endal - few have visited his personal residence. Solreef is situated on a small island and protected by an intense level of security. The house itself is somewhat fortress like, with extra high walls - and the only known entrance is situated at the top of a long stone staircase. Inside, though, Tiergan has striven to make his home a warm, welcoming environment for his adopted son (Wylie Endal) and later for Tam and Linh Song, who reside in Wylie's room (which is more like three rooms) now that Wylie lives with his recovering father.


  • Solreef's doorbell chime is a song by the Beatles.


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