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Skills are the natural set of capabilities that all elves possesses. Note that these are different from special abilities, which elves must manifest and Talentless elves do not have. Elves can improve through Foxfire P.E. or Exillium training, but some train at home, like Dex Dizznee. Some elves see skills as useless; however, others see them as essential. Those same people say that elves are wasting the potential that they have.

List of Skills[]

What they do[]

Elves use to move around any object with the power of their mind. Telepaths tend to find this easier as they have greater reserves of mental energy and core energy. It is the skill used in the Ultimate Splotching Championship.

Elves let light pass through them and they disappear. Vanishers do it naturally as they move, but other elves can do it with practice and for a few seconds.

Regulating Body Temperature is a basic survival skill which elves use in order to keep themselves at a certain temperature.

It is said that you focus on the light and let your brain enlarge it to create a much lighter environment, making it easier to see in the dark.

A skill elves use to hold their breath for a long time.

Levitating is a skill taught in Exillium and Foxfire, which, with applied concentration, can levitate one high off of the ground.

Appetite Suppression is a skill used to slow the digestive system and lengthen the time someone can go without food,

Outward Channeling is the skill to destroy any material with the mind - including flesh and bone.

Brain Push is a skill of Telekinesis only ever known to be performed by the Ancients and Sophie Foster.

The skill of channeling mental strength into other parts of the body. All elves can do it, including Talentless. Some examples of it are extremely high jumps, fast running, and super strength.


“But their world put so much emphasis on special abilities that people rarely used their skills—or even thought about them—and that was turning out to be a dangerous mistake.”

—Narration, in Legacy