The Silver Tower is a tower on the campus of Foxfire Academy. It is used to house all the Level Eight prodigies and for their classes. It also contains the Hall of Illumination. The Silver Tower is like a boarding school in the sense that the Level Eights have to stay in the dormitories in the Tower overnight for a time. The Level Eights are separated from the rest of the school in order to improve concentration. Usually prodigies under Level Eight are not allowed inside, and neither are any other intelligent species, including Sandor. Interrupting Elite study time merits a week of detention. Sophie used to take a Polyglot class in the Silver Tower however. Magnate Leto (aka Mr. Forkle) usually let her in because she wasn't tall enough to reach the shared DNA panel. Once entering the Silver Tower, prodigies are given a silver cape, which is the color of Nobility. The tower is phasing proof and elves are unable to light leap into it.

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CandleshadeChoralmereDawnheathEverglenHavenfieldMistmeadRimeshireRiverdriftShores of SolaceSterling GablesWidgetmoor


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AlluveterreBrumevaleStone House

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ExilliumThe Arch of Dividing

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