Sophie checked on Silveny, watching the alicorn's memories of when Silveny told Greyfell he was going to be a daddy. The joy that sparked in Greyfell's eyes was one of the purest, most beautiful things Sophie had ever seen.”

—Narration, in Neverseen

Greyfell and Silveny met when Silveny was moved to the Sanctuary.

In the beginning, Greyfell was scared of Silveny and attacked her because the Neverseen tagged her with aromark; however, it was removed and they grew closer. They were eventually set free to help protect the baby alicorn that Silveny was pregnant with which led to the birth of Luna and Wynn; the alicorn baby twins.

(Other) Names Edit

  • Greyveny (Grey/fell and Sil/veny)
  • Silvefell (Silve/ny and Grey/fell)

Moments Edit

  • When Silveny and Greyfell first meet, they don't like each other very much.

Similarities and Differences Edit

Similarities Edit

  1. They are both alicorns.

Differences Edit

  1. Silveny is "skittish, and over-excited" while Greyfell is "very serious."
  2. Silveny is best friends with Sophie while Greyfell met Sophie recently.

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