“But the house was beautiful. A single, sprawling level with mother-of-pearl walls and massive windows overlooking the turquoise ocean. The scattered rooms were connected by vine-wrapped arches and broken up with sun-baked inner courtyards. Everything was bright and airy. Elegant, but comfortable. Decorated in dove grays and soothing shades of blue.”

—Narration, in Nightfall

The Shores of Solace is a beach house owned by Lord Cassius. This is one of the many "escapes" that Lord Cassius uses when he wants to get away from his rocky relationships with his wife and son. During Nightfall, he asked Keefe to move in with him as part of a deal for information about Nightfall's location. Keefe agreed, despite Sophie's concerns, and now resides there with Lord Cassius and his ogre bodyguard Ro. Ro refers to it as the "Waves of Wimpiness." The Shores of Solace is also where Sophie's human parents had their minds washed during Nightfall. In book 6: Nightfall, hardcover, on page 775, the Shores of Solace is called the Shores of Solitude.  The back patio is made of swirled abolone shell and has cushioned porch swings. The beach itself is a shimmering cove of smooth black sand.


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