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The Secret Mentors' Cafeteria was discovered by Keefe, pre-Keeper. It's like a staff lounge for mentors and is in a secret place in Foxfire. Sophie described it as looking like a spa, but with food that people actually want to eat. It is said to be very beautiful, and several Elvin confections are on display behind glass cases.


In Flashback, Keefe Sencen takes Sophie to the Secret Mentors' Cafeteria after her injury, with Ro. The three of them feast on pastries, including butterblasts. Keefe also helps Sophie practice Appetite Suppression there

Also in Flashback, Sophie and Fitz attempt to find the secret cafeteria in search of butterblasts to celebrate leaving the Healing Center, and even though they don't succeed, Sophie and Keefe do.


Foxfire's secret "Mentor's only" cafeteria turned out to be even more amazing than Sophie had imagined: throne-size chairs surrounding peaceful reflecting pools. Urns blooming with delicate flowers the filled the air with sweet, spicy perfume. Soft, flickering lighting, and windows that overlooked the glass pyramid in the center of campus. And, of course, an entire wall of glass cases filled with all kinds of fancy, colorful concoctions.”

—Narrator, in Flashback