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The Seat of Eminence is "a sprawling diamond palace with four domed towers."[1] It's one of the largest buildings in Eternalia, even larger than the Tribunal Hall, the elven court. The entrance is a rectangular door that appears to have silver and gold woven into it. Only Mentors, Emissaries, Councillors, and Regents can enter the Seat of Eminence unless given access by the Council for an appointment. Licking a DNA sensor is the way access to the inside is granted.

The inside of the building is dark because the diamonds are faceted in such a way that all the light is reflected away from the structure. When an elf crosses the threshold, a spotlight will glow around them. The color of the spotlight depends on their ability, meaning different abilities glow different colors. However, when a goblin crosses the threshold, a gray spotlight will appear. All weapons must be stowed when inside the Seat of Eminence.

One needs to walk a long way to get to the main chambers of the building, and the reason why is stated by Grady: "The design is meant to ensure that by the time we reach the main chambers, we’ve cleared our minds of everything except the reason we’re here."[2]

Known Spotlight Colors[]

The circlet jewels that associated with some of the colors are the ones worn by Team Valiant as a part of their Regent attire, and Sophie notes that they correspond with everyone's spotlight colors.

  • Mesmer - Orange
  • Inflictor - Vivid Red (Sophie was red, and Grady was unsure if that meant Inflictor, because he has never seen Bronte on his own, and has no idea how he would glow.)
  • Technopath - Green
  • Vanisher - Violet
  • Empath - Baby Pink
  • Telepath - Blue
  • Flasher - Multicolored/Constantly changing with every spoken word (Although that may have been Wylie using his ability to alter it)
    • Circlet Jewel: Opal (This works because opals are known to be very colorful)
    • conjurer- light green
    • circlet jewel- peridot
    • froster- ice blue
    • circlet jewel- sky blue topaz
    • beguiler- dark yellow (beguilers are close to mesmers, therefore dark yellow is a colour close to orange, like a mesmer)
    • Circlet jewel- amber
    • teleporter- light purple
    • circlet jewel- purple sapphire
    • phaser- peach
    • circlet jewel- peach morganite
    • charger- bright yellow
    • circlet jewel- cirtrine
  • Councillors - All are surrounded by silver light to represent equality when they are all present.
  • Goblins - Gray

Readying Rooms[]

Readying Rooms are rooms secretly located inside the Seat of Eminence. There are twelve of them (one for each Councillor), and are used similar to dressing rooms.


Sophie, Dex, Biana, Stina, and Wylie were invited here to discuss the possibility of becoming Regents for the Council. They came with their guardians in order to enter the building since they were not officially a part of the Nobility when they came in. They accepted and formed Team Valiant. (Formerly called Team Prodigious, however the members weren't satisfied with the name so they decided to change it but naming the team took a little longer than expected.)


“'This is the Seat of Eminence,' Grady explained as they made their way up the palace's wide diamond steps. 'Think of it as the hub for the nobility.'”

—Narration and Grady Ruewen, in Legacy


  • Some of the characters' auras match their backgrounds of the Laura Hollingsworth art. (i.e: Sophie's aura is red, and the background of her art is red as well)


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