Sea See is a cosmetic elixir that elves use to temporarily obtain teal eyes. It is sold at Slurps and Burps.

During most of the duration of Book 4: Neverseen, The Council had banished Sophie from the Lost Cities. Therefore, in order to disguise herself from The Council, Sophie uses Sea See to change her eye color from brown to teal. This allows her to view the Gnomes' protest and Fintan's disruption undetected. Sophie used Tanny Fanny and Absolutely Auburn in conjunction with Sea See to disguise herself. Immediately after she used these elixirs, Fitz remarked that the elixirs caused Sophie look like Biana; Biana disliked this comparison, responding “ew.”

According to Keefe's Detention Record in Unlocked, Keefe slipped Sea See into then-Dame Alina's tea, changing her eyes teal. Keefe claimed that he did it in tribute of Alden (whose mind had just been healed); Alina wrote in the record that such a tribute was inappropriate, given her history with Alden. She assigned a month of detention as punishment for this.

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