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Verdi - the t-rex

The Sanctuary is the place where the Council keeps animals in order to protect them from going extinct. It has all types of animals, including ones humans believe to be extinct, such as woolly mammoths and dinosaurs. Elves believe if any species were to become extinct, it would upset the delicate balance of the world; Elves refer to this as the Timeline to Extinction.

The Sanctuary is located inside the Himalayas. It is described as a beautiful place with lush meadows and green forests that seem to stretch out forever. It is also described that the sky is a cerulean blue that, sometimes, seems to flash every color of the spectrum - as if walking inside a rainbow. The air is fresh and has a crisp sweetness to it. The meadow, with rainbow skies, contains pegasi, unicorns, and (previously) the last two known alicorns, Silveny and Greyfell. Silveny was moved to the Sanctuary in a celebration at the end of Exile, but they were released at the end of Lodestar because they could get away from attackers far better in the wild.

Everything in the Sanctuary is real except for the sky, which is an illusion, and the walls, which are hidden to make it look bigger.

Unlocked Description[]


The special animal preserve was created becuase humans were hunting certain animals to extinction (particularly those believed to be "magical" or "mythical) and the elves believe that every species exists for a reason and the planets delicate balance would be forever altered if one disappeared. The dwarves helped hollow out the Himalayas, and the gnomes helped build a thriving ecosystem inside, and any creatures now under the elves' protection are caught, rehabilitated (primarily to help them adjust to their vegetarian diet,) and eventually moved into the Sanctuary. The lush interior includes every possible climate, comfort, and care the creatures might need, as well as a rainbow-shifting sky to provide the illusion of freedom. The Sanctuary is definitely not a zoo full of cages. It's a haven where all creatures can thrive without danger - or it's supposed to be. While rare alicorns were housed inside, the Neverseen made numerous attempts to break into the Sanctuary, and Sophie Foster had to convince the Council it would be safer to set the alicorns free.


To have an animal enter the sanctuary, there are a few requirements, which are listed below:

  • Illness free - An animal must be checked for illness in order to prevent large-scale infections from occurring within Sanctuary.
  • Vegetarianism - An animal must learn to eat only plants in order to prevent predators from hunting the other animals at the Sanctuary.
  • Prepared - an animal has to be ready to fit into the Sanctuary before being moved.

Role in the Story[]

In Everblaze,Keefe Sencen and Sophie Foster go there because Silveny the Alicorn needed help. It is hidden inside the mountain range of the Himalayas, which the elves use as a shield from humans accidentally finding the Sanctuary, to stop elves (with light leaping crystals) from light leaping directly into the Sanctuary, and so that Alicorns can't use their teleportation ability to get in or out. The animals that live in the Sanctuary must first be trained to get along with other animals and must be vegetarians; a task that is taken care of by certain individuals or families, such as the Ruewens (at Havenfield) and the Hekses.

Known Animals That Live There[]

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