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Ruy Tonio Ignis is a member of the Neverseen and was a former Exillium Wayward. He was thought to be the Boy Who Disappeared, but this theory is proven wrong when it is revealed it was actually Alvar working for the Neverseen. He is a year older than Alvar, making him 29 years old.


Ruy was banished in his fourth year at Foxfire, not long after he manifested as a Psionipath. His parents worked in Mysterium and were the ones who turned Ruy into the Council. When Dex breaks into the Exillium records, all they say is that he was "proven unstable and unfit for society.” his actions were irredeemable, which, according to Mr. Forkle, is not a term used lightly. When looking at his file, Fitz notes he is a year older than Alvar, hence showing he is twenty-nine years old.


Ruy wears an addler, which makes his physical description unknown, though it’s said that he uses one that makes it’s presence hard to notice.


Similarly to the other Neverseen members, Ruy has shown little aversion to violence and behaves in a belittling way towards his enemies, with him taunting Sophie and her friends in their encounters. The Exillium medic describes Ruy as being especially hateful towards the Council, and believed Ruy was capable of starting a revolution based off this observation.

Keefe says that when he was in the Neverseen, Ruy constantly bragged about his addler and got into frequent arguments with Fintan.


Book 4: Neverseen[]

Sophie encounters him when she is with Biana in the forest of Brackendale. He encases himself in a force field while Sophie tries to read his mind, which doesn't work. Ruy also thwarts all of Sophie's attempts to get him to reveal information about the Neverseen's plan.

When Sophie and Keefe wake up Gethen, he reveals that he recruited Ruy and prides himself in doing so. Mr. Forkle picks out of his brain that at the time in Brackendale, Ruy was not supposed to be active at that point.

Book 5: Lodestar[]

Ruy was taken into custody along with Brant and was imprisoned in Lumenaria during the Peace Summit. He helped his co-conspirators use outward channeling to destroy the castle and shielded his allies as they escaped.

Book 6: Nightfall[]

Ruy joins Lady Gisela and destroyed part of the forcefield surrounding Atlantis, flooding the city.

Book 7: Flashback[]

Ruy's ability is affected twice. When the Neverseen attacked Sophie and Fitz, Wylie's full spectrum light collided with Umber's shadowflux, causing a massive explosion that ended with all abilities on the Neverseen's side being unable to work, causing them to retreat.

Later in the book, at the Vacker Troll Hive, Ruy's ability is affected again after Tam's shadowflux seeps under his skin, causing him to be unable to use his ability.

Book 8: Legacy[]

It is inferred that Ruy's ability is still not working. According to Alvar, he was on bed rest when he was last seen. His current condition is unknown.


  • He is a heavy sleeper
  • He was expelled from Foxfire as a Level Four and sent to Exillium - which he ended up getting expelled from too.
  • His parents worked in Mysterium, suggesting that his parents were Talentless.