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The Ruewen family is the adoptive family of Sophie Foster since her arrival to the Lost Cities. They are living at Havenfield, and their official job is to help rehabilitate animals to get them ready to move to the Sanctuary and to turn the transferring animals into vegetarians.

The Ruewens are close friends with the Vackers and are related to the Dizznees, since Edaline Ruewen and Juline Dizznee are sisters therefore linking the families.

The Ruewen family used to be very famous, possibly because of Grady's rare ability as a Mesmer and his position as an Emissary or because of their widely known parties and extravagant galas. In Unlocked it was revealed that both Grady and Edaline got special highly-classified assignments from the council, but the nature of those assignments was not revealed.

Unfortunately, all that changed after the death of their daughter Jolie in a fire. After that, they avoided most people in grief and lost their status in the Lost Cities.

After the death of Jolie, Grady and Edaline cut themselves off from the rest of society. Grady resigned from his job as an Emissary for the council, and they avoided getting out of their home except in rare very necessary occasions. Most of the elves didn't know how to treat parents in grief, and various rumors were spreading about them.

Fortunately, when Alden asked them to take in Sophie, they agreed. However, they had a rough start because Grady and Edaline didn't want Sophie to die or get hurt like Jolie. Sophie often made impulsive choices that got her into trouble and sometimes danger. Her new parents had a hard time getting attached because they didn't want to lose her. They even went so far as cancelling her adoption (which they later reversed).

After Sophie was kidnapped, they realized that they wanted Sophie as their daughter, and Sophie chose to live with them instead of the Vackers. The three became a happy family, and Sophie helped them recover a little from the death of Jolie. In fact, Sophie once thought that Grady and Edaline had adopted her because she reminded them of Jolie. Later, Edaline told Sophie that they loved her because they loved her, and not because she reminded them of the daughter they had lost.


Grady is a Mesmer and was an Emissary for the Council before he quit when Jolie died. He has blonde hair and reminded Sophie of James Bond and Robin Hood when they first met. Sophie is amazed by how handsome Grady is, and notes his striking bone structure. He sometimes gets angry and uses his ability as a Mesmer against other people such as Brant.

Edaline is a Conjurer. She has turquoise eyes and long amber hair that curls and looks similar to her sister, Juline. She is often described as having dark eye shadows under her eyes after the death of her daughter, Jolie most likely because of lost sleep. She also gets these eye shadows when she is worried about Sophie. Sophie claimed that Edaline is the most beautiful woman she has ever met, other than Della.

Jolie was the biological daughter of Grady and Edaline. She had blonde hair and a striking bone structure like Grady and turquoise eyes like Edaline, as well as being a Conjurer as her mother. She died in a fire caused by a member of the Neverseen named Brant, who was a Pyrokinetic and also her fiancé.

Sophie was adopted by Grady and Edaline Ruewen, and she is the main character in the Keeper of the Lost Cities series. She has been through many exciting adventures throughout the series with her friends. Edaline and Grady care for her very much, as she is their daughter. She used to live with the Fosters (her human family).


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The Ruewen family crest is described as a scarlet eagle soaring with a white rose in his talons.[1]It is later described as a gold eagle with a red rose in its talons, like the image to the right.

In the sixth chapter of Exile, Sophie is given a crest pin, which is described as a yellow-diamond-encrusted eagle soaring with ruby rose in its talons.

In Everblaze, Sophie gets a new pin after Brant, Jolie's former fiancé, steals it.

In Flashback, Tinker gives Sophie a null which is shaped like the Ruewen crest but it is made of solid silver.


“'No. I've made up my mind.' She took a deep breath and cleared the emotion out of her voice as she turned to face the Council. 'I want to stay with Grady and Edaline Ruewen.'”

Sophie and Narration, in Keeper of the Lost Cities, page(s) 485, paperback

“Having a family crest meant a lot to a girl who'd been adopted.”

—Narrator, in Book 8: Legacy



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