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Ro's full name is Romhilda. Her last name is currently unknown. The name is taken from her grandmother and it means battle. Ro is King Dimitar's daughter. In Nightfall, Lady Gisela requested that King Dimitar provide Keefe with a personal bodyguard, and his response was to assign Ro to the task.


Ro is described as a lean, muscled ogre warrior. Her ash colored hair is chin length and is generally described as looking stylish with her hair and thick black eyeliner. When she is first introduced, she was wearing a metal breastplate and metal diaper, much like her father's, with spikes as a blue stone in one of her nostrils.


Ro has a more laid-back personality than her father. Despite that, she is also very competitive. She is frequently seen to be joking around or making fun of everyone in the Elvin world for being uptight. She also has a disdain for many of the Elvin rules, as they seem absurd to her. While at first, she did not get along with many of the goblin bodyguards, as the book Nightfall goes on, it is seen that she gains some respect for them, and vice-versa.


In the book Nightfall, she was assigned to Keefe as his bodyguard at Lady Gisela's request. She is said to have been training since the age of one month. As the book progresses, she points out flaws in the Elvin security system that ogres can easily detect but goblins cannot. When the group attempts to capture Lady Gisela, Ruy, and Vespera, Gisela points a gun at Ro and it shoots a lethal dose of soporidine. She ends up being fine due to an antidote but still has to rest. It can be noted that throughout the book she refers to Sophie as "[Keefe's] little girlfriend" and other teases. It can be inferred that she is on board with Team Foster-Keefe.

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