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Riverdrift is Lady Cadence's houseboat, and it played a role in getting Sophie and Keefe to Ravagog via The King's Path.

Unlocked Description[]

When King Dimitar refused to let Lady Cadence Talle set up a permanent residence in Ravagog, she built Riverdrift as a solution. The craft was primarily docked along the Eventide River, but it's capable of journeying across any body of water thanks to the massive paddle wheels mounted to the back of the steel barge. Riverdrift is as large as any elvin manors but is comprised of a wide variety of structures built from different metals, as well as a small glass pyramid and several chimneys spewing multicolored mist. The design many not be as aesthetically appealing and the Lost Cities' usual architecture, but it was built to be practical rather then beautiful. Riverdrift allowed Lady Cadence to spend years researching the Ogres, and she still lives there - despite being forced to return to the Lost Cities to serve as a Mentor to Sophie Elizabeth Foster - in hope that someday she'll be allowed to sail back to Ravagog to properly continue her research.


It is made out of almost entirely metal, and looks different from typical Elvin dwellings. It has two large paddle wheels at the back to go downstream, and uses Pannoniasaurs (a rare freshwater type of mosasaur) to travel upstream.

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