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Rimeshire is where the Dizznee family resides, off the northern coast of Canada[1] . In the inside, Rimeshire is blue and gray, with a large crystal yeti statue in the entrance. It was given to Kesler and Juline by his brother as a wedding present. Kesler does not like the statue, and hopes that the triplets will destroy it. Kesler thinks that they aren't breaking it just to annoy him. Sophie says that the statue looked demented, with beady eyes and spiky fur that makes it look like an oversized porcupine, and it definitely needed to be destroyed. There is a main room with five staircases that go up to the towers and a large room in the back that Sophie says reminds her of a life-sized fishbowl. (The Solarium is where Sophie, Biana, and Fitz stayed when they have a sleepover at Rimeshire with Dex.) Juline also creates ice sculptures of animals to place in the yard, and allows the triplets to choose the animals she creates. Apparently, Rimeshire lies next to the river where the wild kelpies come ashore.

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“Rimeshire was definitely the chilliest place Sophie had visited in the Lost Cities—aside from the entrance to the Sanctuary in the Himalayas. Even the architecture of the Dizznee’s house reminded Sophie of an ice castle. All the walls were built from blue cut glass and fitted together into sharp, dramatic angles. And the five swirling towers looked like upside-down icicles. But there was still something inherently warm about the place. Maybe it was the bright light glowing through the walls. Or the curls of white smoke coming from the spiral chimneys. The house was also massive—probably bigger than Everglen. And the grounds were just as expansive. The landscaping was simpler, but it matched the stark valley: twisted evergreen trees lining each of the silver-stoned paths, and wide plains of jade green grass leading into the rolling foothills.”

—Narration, in Lodestar

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