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The Right Hemisphere of Exillium is composed of all the quick thinkers. All elves who are sorted into this hemisphere tend to have a creative thought process, which can make them reckless.

The instructor for this hemisphere is Coach Bora. The corresponding color for this hemisphere is blue.

Keefe Sencen and Dexter Alvin Dizznee are in the right hemisphere, implying that in an emergency, both will go crazy and make rash decisions.

Background Information

The name for this hemisphere comes from the myth of the left brain and the right brain.[1] The left brain is said to handle the logistics, and the right brain is said to handle the creative side of things. However, this has been proven untrue, as there is no direct evidence. A diagram of this myth is shown above. Shannon Messenger has utilized this for her series to give it an interesting twist.

Known ExilliumRighties


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