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Basic Information


The Redeks are an elvin family. Not much is known about the Redek family, aside from Marella and her parents being members. The Redek crest is a bright cherry-crimson circle circled by gold with three white feathers floating off into the wind, which interrupt the gold outlining. They reside in Fluttermont.

Known Members[edit | edit source]

A Guster and Marella's father. It can be assumed he is supportive of Marella, as he built a practice area outside of their house made from Flareadon fur for Marella to practice her Pyrokinesis.

A small, pixie-like blonde elf who befriended Sophie. She is an active gossip, always knows the latest gossip. She wants to manifest as an Empath to help her mother, Caprise Redek, help keep control over her emotions. However, in Nightfall, she is revealed to have manifested as a Pyrokinetic instead.

She fell from her balcony when Marella was only a toddler and cracked her skull. This ended up causing permanent damage, which makes her emotions overwhelming at times. She drinks elixirs to manage her emotions. Caprise was one of a few people to see Cyrah Endal before her death.

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