This article is about the current ogre city. You may be looking for Serenvale.

Ravagog is the ogre capital. This is where King Dimitar, the Ogre King, lives and rules. It is separated into two parts by the Eventide River, in which one part is in a mountain and the other is underground. Sophie and her friends went to the Triad in Neverseen to try and steal the cure for the gnomish plague. The Triad is where King Dimitar holds court, which is in the most visible part of the whole city.

Another part that was mentioned is the Armorgate, which is their military university. It has secret caverns deep in the mountains, which is where the ogres develop their weapons.

History Edit

Ravagog is where the old gnomish capital, Serenvale, was until the Ogres took over that land. Ravagog is described to be separated by the Eventide (a river) into two parts. Half of it is carved into the mountain, and the other half is underground. The Ogres also removed all the Panakes trees, leaving the roots behind.

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