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This article is about the current ogre city. You may be looking for Serenvale.

Ravagog is the ogre capital. It’s where King Dimitar, the Ogre King, lives and rules. It is separated into two parts by the Eventide River, in which one part is in a mountain and the other is underground. Its actual location is in the lushest part of central Asia. Sophie and her friends went to the Triad in Neverseen to try and steal the cure for the gnomish plague. The Triad is where King Dimitar holds court, which is in the most visible part of the whole city.

Another part that was mentioned is the Armorgate, which is their military university. It has secret caverns deep in the mountains, which is where the ogres develop their weapons. Stalkenteene can be found in some of those caverns.

Unlocked Description[]

Ravagog (or Sadlitzagvatka in ogreish): Previously named Serenvale (when the land served as the gnomes' homeland - before the ogres stole it), the ogres' capital city is not considered a welcoming place for other species. Ravagog is tucked among dark, jagged mountains and protected by force fields and massive gates, and King Dimitar has made it clear that anyone who enters the city without his permission will face consequences. Half of the city carved into the side of a mountain (in a network of ledges and staircases built around misty waterfalls), and the other half is underground (in a huge swampy cavern). Other notable features include the King's Path and the main palace, the Eventide River (which glows green from a special type of enzyme), a recently rebuilt dark metal bridge lined with arched towers, the Triad (where King Dimitar holds court), the Armorgate (the ogres' military university), and the Spateswale River (which provides the most direct path into Ravagog). Much of Ravagog was damaged or destroyed after King Dimitar made the cruel decision to unleash the plague upon the gnomes. Sophie Foster and her friends infiltrated the city in order to find the cure and were forced to cause a flood in order to escape. The city has been largely rebuilt - as has the relationship between the elves and the ogres.


Ravagog was formerly called Serenvale, which was the old gnomish capital. Ogres took it over and renamed it Ravagog. The Ogres also removed all the Panakes trees, leaving the roots behind. Ravagog is described to be separated by the Eventide River into two parts. Half of it is carved into the mountain, and the other half is underground. In Book 4: Neverseen, Linh destroyed a large portion of the city in a flood in an attempt to escape Ravagog, as pictured on the cover of the book.

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