Some quotes from the series:

  • "I'd rather be punished for making the right decision than live with the guilt of making the wrong one for the rest of my life."- Sophie Elizabeth Foster
  • "He's not all bad, no one is. That's what makes villains so scary. They're not as different from us as we want them to be."- Sophie Elizabeth Foster
  • "Time is a funny thing. Once it's gone, it's gone. But then it passes on to someone else. You'll do great things with it, Sophie." Mr. Forkle
  • "We could all use a little more weird in our lives." Fitzroy Avery Vacker
  • “Sparkles make everything better.” Biana Vacker
  • “Okay, I figured out a reply. Write this dow, Gigantor: You may not want to meet but we definitely do. Name a time and a place or we’ll pelt you with sparkly poo.” Keefe Sencen
  • “Back the T-Rex up!” Keefe Sencen
  • “I‘m wearing this shirt forever, guys.” Dexter Alvin Dizznee
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