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Quinlin and Physic, or Physlin is the romantic pairing of Quinlin Sonden and Livvy, who is otherwise known as Physic.

Other Names Edit

  • Physlin (Physic and Quinlin)
  • Livin (Livvy and Quinlin)
  • Quic (Quinlan and Physic)


  • In Nightfall, when Sophie is upset about how Quinlin and Livvy are fighting, Quinlin tells her that Livvy will “make your sister feel much more at home than I can.”


  • They both are elves.
  • They live together, and they both lived with Amy.
  • They are both members of the nobility.
  • They both have complex lives.
  • They both are stubborn in personality.
  • They both have a relationship with the Vackers
  • They both have abilities.


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