Quinlin Sonden works in Atlantis, running a shop as the Chief Mentalist, and is known to be one of the strongest Telepaths alive. His shop is on the farthest side of Atlantis and really out of the way to keep prying eyes (especially the Council) away from his work. He is the Telepath that performed the memory break on Prentice with Alden as his guide. Quinlin works closely with Alden looking into suspicious things having to do with the Forbidden Cities. He helped Alden look for Sophie for 12 years. Councillor Bronte does not trust Quinlin and gave him a receptionist that spies on his work. Quinlin is married to Livvy, although he wants her to file a match fail, or divorce.

Appearance Edit

Quinlin is a tall elf with dark skin and chin length black hair.

Relationships Edit

Alden is a very close friend of Quinlin and the two have worked closely together to find Sophie without the Council's knowledge. In Neverseen, it was revealed that Quinlin and Alden were Cognates. However, because of a loss of trust after Prentice's memory break, this is no longer so.

Livvy and Quinlin have been married for nineteen years. They fight regularly, and Quinlin wants her to file a match fail.

  • AMY (former guardian)

Amy stayed in Quinlin's apartment in Atlantis during the events in the book Nighfall.