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Quan Song is the father of Tam Song and Linh Song. He is Mai Song's husband. He first appears in Lodestar, when he attends the Exillium training course in the Ambi Hemisphere.


Quan is described to have straight jet-black hair and silvery eyes like his children.

Unlike Tam and Linh, he wears the Song family crest - two silver-and-black dire wolves craning their necks in a graceful howl.


Quan puts a huge emphasis on appearances. He does not want his reputation to be tarnished by his children, as they are twins, so he tries to hide the truth from the public by making claiming Tam was a year older than Linh. He is afraid of making a scene in public, and feels ashamed of Tam and Linh when they draw unwanted attention. It has been stated that he and Mai would punish the twins for a lot of reasons, like when Quan locked Tam in his room for 2 days after Tam accidently spilled ink on his mother's sleeve, and when he made Linh and Tam share a room together because they refused to play along with Quan and Mai's lies. (Though that wasn't really a punishment to the siblings.) He also shows disapproval of Tam and Linh's silver bangs.

He firmly believes in filial piety - the belief that children are to respect their parents completely.


It is clear that Quan loves his wife Mai very much, from the way he reaches for her, cradles her hand and angrily tells Tam to apologize to Mai when Tam jerked free of her hold. It is also said that once, when Tam accidentally spilled ink on Mai, he was sent to his room by Quan.

Quan doesn't like the fact that Tam is a twin, and that he is is harsh and disrespectful to him. In Lodestar, he appears to try and reconcile with his children but is still harsh, and wants them to "stop making a scene." It is unlikely that he protested that much against Tam going with his sister to Exillium.

Quan doesn't like the fact that she is a twin and is harsh towards her, but is "nicer" to Linh than her brother because Linh is less outwardly disrespectful and rude towards them (Quan and Mai). Quan did not protest against her banishment.


“Apologize to your mother. And stop making a scene!”

—Quan Song, in Lodestar

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