Pyrokinesis is a rare forbidden ability that allows an elf to control fire and heat.

How it became Forbidden.[edit | edit source]

It became the only forbidden talent after five Pyrokinetic elves died in an incident involving Everblaze and Fintan.

It was mentioned by Marella in Book 1: Keeper of the Lost Cities that there have only ever been around twelve registered Pyrokinetics. However, this number doesn’t include Brant or Marella, so the number of overall pyrokinetics increases to fourteen.

History[edit | edit source]

The earlier Councillors, possibly including Fallon Vacker, outlawed Pyrokinesis after it had caused many deaths. Fintan originally agreed to the decision, though he now says he regrets it. Pyrokinetics (particularly Fintan Pyren) are notably famous for balefire, a type of flame that elves still use.

Known Pyrokinetics [edit | edit source]

Fintan Pyren[edit | edit source]

Fintan is known for creating Balefire. He was a Councillor (at the same time that Bronte was an Emissary) until pyrokinesis became forbidden. Fintan was involved with a group of five other Pyrokinetics attempting to make Everblaze. Fintan was the only one who successfully sparked Everblaze and lived. Due to the death of the other five Pyrokinetics involved, Pyrokinesis was banned. Fintan voted in favor of the ban and resigned as a Councillor. His mind was broken by Sophie and Alden in an attempt to retrieve information about the fires in the Forbidden Cities. He is also the Pyrokinetic who discovered Everblaze. However, they were able to find out that Fintan illegally trained another Pyrokinetic, Brant. In Book 3: Everblaze, Sophie heals his shattered mind but he kills Kenric with Everblaze. He was captured in Nightfall. As of Flashback, he wants to train Marella to keep her from going down the same path that he did.

Brant[edit | edit source]

  • (Deceased)

Brant (formerly Jolie's fiancé) was the unregistered Pyrokinetic trained by Fintan. He was a member of the Neverseen before his death, and was responsible for setting the fires in the Forbidden Cities. He was also responsible for Jolie's death. He was one of the few pyrokinetics capable of igniting Everblaze. Grady forced Brant burn off his hand during their confrontation in Book 3: Everblaze. Brant was killed by Mr. Forkle at the end of Lodestar when Lumenaria was collapsing.

Marella[edit | edit source]

After Mr. Forkle uses mental energy to trigger Marella's ability, it is revealed that she is a Pyrokinetic. This is revealed in Book 6: Nightfall. It is said that her Pyrokinesis seems to be particularly strong, based on mental energy. She keeps this ability a secret, as Pyrokinetics are banned. Edaline Ruewen likes the idea of Marella learning to use the ability, stating that Marella should learn how to control it, as Brant was "messed up" by his inability to control his pyrokinesis.

Two Pyrokinetics mentioned in Neverseen, currently in Exile[edit | edit source]

Five unknown Pyrokinetics seen in Fintan's mind.[edit | edit source]

These are the five Pyrokinetics that were consumed by Everblaze.

Mystery Pyrokinetic mentioned in Exile.[edit | edit source]

Appears in Fintan's mind during the memory break. No further information has been shown about them, though they are assumed to be an ancient.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • There are 4 unmentioned Pyrokinetics as of Flashback.
  • Pyrokinetics cannot be burnt with any fire, except for Everblaze.
  • Pyrokinetics have a substantially hotter body temperature than normal elves, allowing them to withstand colder temperatures for longer amounts of time.

Known Types Of Fire[edit | edit source]

More information about each type can be found on the fire page.

  • Rainbow Flames
  • Blue Flames
  • Green Flames
  • Normal Flames

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