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A Psionipath is an elf who can make the bubble that keeps Atlantis from not being swallowed with water. If trained well, they could grow very powerful like Ruy, who almost destroyed Atlantis by creating a hole in the shield holding back the water from flowing in and flooding the city. Psionipaths are often unstable, but not as much so as Pyrokinetics.

Their fields can be bypassed with enough shadows created by Shades (example: Tam used his ability against Ruy in Lodestar.) In addition, a force field was destroyed by a Black Swan pendant being thrown at it in Neverseen. Dex made brass gadgets that can demolish them and the thicker the field is, the more is needed. Finally, shadowflux can pass through force fields. When a flasher uses the whole color spectrum against a psionipath they temporarily lose the usage of their talent.

Known Psionipaths Edit

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