Prodigies are the students that attend Foxfire, taught by their mentors. Foxfire is a noble school, so Foxfire prodigies tend to be only the best that can make it in.

Known Prodigies Edit

Current Prodigies Edit

Sophie Elizabeth Foster - Abilities : Polyglot, Inflictor, Teleporter, Telepath, Enhancer

Biana Vacker - Ability : Vanisher

Fitz Vacker - Ability : Telepath

Keefe Sencen - Ability : Empath

Dex Dizznee - Ability : Technopath

Jensi Babblos - Ability : Unknown

Marella Redek - Ability : Pyrokinetic

Stina Heks - Ability : Empath

Maruca - Ability : Unknown

Wylie Endal - Ability : Flasher

Tam Song - Ability: Shade

Linh Song - Ability: Hydrokinetic

Valin - Ability: Unknown

Lex Dizznee - Ability: Unknown

Bex Dizznee - Ability: Unknown

Rex Dizznee - Ability: Unknown

Trella- Ability Unknown

Dempsey-Ability Unknown

Shayda Adel- Ability Unknown

Dedra-Last name and ability unknown

Huxley-Last name and ability unknown

Audric-Last name and ability unknown

Previous Prodigies Edit

Alvar Soren Vacker - Ability: Vanisher

Jolie Ruewen - Ability: Conjurer

Alden Vacker - Ability: Telepath

Grady Ruewen - Ability: Mesmer

Edaline Ruewen- Ability: Conjurer

Della Vacker- Ability: Vanisher

Councillor Alina- Ability: Beguiler

Vika Heks- Ability: Empath

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