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“[True power is] not in us–or in anyone in our species–but in nature itself. We are fragile, flawed creatures. But by some strange fluke of change, we're also conduits for these forces that surround us...”

Councillor Emery, in Legacy, page(s) 178, hardcover

The Prime Sources are starlight, moonlight and sunlight. A light leap may be performed by harnessing all three Sources at the Point of Purity, a special point in the atmosphere. Sunlight can be identified by a warm tingle, like the one on a summer day. Moonlight is like the soft calm on a clear evening, lingering in the quietest places. Starlight is varied, and will only provide a little light until you draw on the power.

When using all the sources to light-leap, one feels small and insignificant. All the sources unite and do not fight to take control.

Sunlight Edit

Sunlight is a strong heat that is described as "an invisible fire that can burn all the way to your core if you let it,"[1] which is also supposedly only the mere start of its power. This is because the sun always has more to give, and its power should be used with "respect and restraint."

Moonlight Edit

This source is cool, gentle, and soothing, and can sometimes be elusive as well.[2] It is present even when it is dark, but it is not a constant, and changes by the day. Using moonlight is all about embracing its change, and accepting what it has to offer on that day.

Starlight Edit

This is the most varied source of the three. At first, stars only share a little bit of their power, but when asked for more, they "pour out everything we need in abundance."[3] Starlight will always be there in the background, no matter what is done to try and drown it out. All stars are different, and "calling on too many can muddle their energy."[4]


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