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Prattles are an Elvin candy; a sweet, caramel chew. It's described to taste like caramel mixed with peanut butter with a center cream. Each candy comes in a square silver box with a collectible creature pin in a small velvet pouch. The number of available pins of each creature actually represents the actual number of the given creature on the planet. The number on a pin changes as the population of that species decreases or increases. Many elves try to collect all the pins, which they can also trade with others. Prattles are common gifts during midterms and finals. The Black Swan has allies in the prattles factories, and have given Sophie rare prattles pins.

Dex Dizznee introduced the pins to Sophie in Keeper of the Lost Cities where he gave her a Prattles Unicorn after they licked their horrible tasting DNA locker strips at Foxfire to replace the bad taste with something more delectable. Prodigies at Foxfire also have popped bubbles containing prizes during midterms in Keeper of the Lost Cities and Sophie caught a box of Prattles. Prattles are common gifts during midterms and finals. Amy ate six boxes of Prattles while in Atlantis.


Prattles pins are collectible items that are popular among young elves and one made for every known animal alive. For example, at the time of Exile, there were only two Alicorn pins for the two Alicorns alive, making them the rarest pins ever (so far). Now that two baby Alicorns have been born, there will be two more Alicorn pins made. The Black Swan frequently uses them as clues for what Sophie should do next. For example, one time she was given a pin made from a certain metal that she could use to bottle Everblaze. Sophie is known to possess the first of four Alicorn pins, given to her as a clue from the Black Swan. The reason Sophie was able to get a rare Moonlark pin was because Calla had heard that a new baby Moonlark had been born and she asked a friend at the Prattles bakery to save the box for her.

Kraken collectible.

Pins Sophie Currently Has[]


“For once Dex had good taste in candy. It was sweet and chewy–like caramel mixed with peanut butter and filled with cream.”

—Narration, in Keeper of the Lost Cities, page(s) 232, paperback