A Polyglot can speak languages instinctively just from hearing them and can mimic other peoples' voices, though elves with other abilities can learn to mimic as well. Polyglots often have another special ability.

Known Polyglots Edit

Sophie first discovered she is a Polyglot when she was in Paris and she subconsciously spoke French without knowing the language beforehand.

She is Sophie's linguistics mentor at Foxfire and lived with ogres under permission of King Dimitar.

Lady Gisela is Keefe's mother and Lord Cassius's wife. She was the leader of the Neverseen until Fintan Pyren took over. She used her ability as a polyglot to imitate Lord Cassius to make people think he was one of the leaders of the Neverseen. This worked until Keefe knocked her hood off on Mount Everest, revealing that it was her, not Lord Cassius, who was a leader of the Neverseen.

She can control animals with her voice. She is arguably the most powerful polyglot the Lost Cities has ever known and has had hundreds of years of practice. She controlled the arthropleura during the attempted rescue of Prentice from Exile in Neverseen.

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