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The Point of Purity is where the Prime Sources (starlight, moonlight, and sunlight) converge on the atmosphere at their strongest point. Sophie, Dex, Stina, Biana, and Wylie were taken here when they agreed to officially become Team Valiant. They are the first non-Councillors to ever visit the Point of Purity.

The Council travels to the Point of Purity at least once a year, to remind themselves of the power of unity while having differences. It was revealed in Legacy that the Council had visited the Point of Purity before Sophie's arrival, for they knew that it would be a world-changing decision. The councillors wear a silver cloak with key-shaped pins for this special event and every time they go up there.

To reach the Point of Purity, the Councillors travel in a small hamster-ball-shaped sphere known as the Paragon. Once the Point of Purity is reached, the Paragon expands to double or triple the size. Councillors each have a special gold key to launch the Paragon.

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