The Peace Summit was held at Lumenaria in Book 5: Lodestar. It was held in a castle made of Lumenite, which is said to not burn. The purpose of the summit was to get the ogres to sign a peace treaty. However, Gethen, who was imprisoned in the dungeons, managed to collapse the castle with a mind trick–outward channeling. As a result, one of the Mr. Forkle twins as well as Brant (part of the Neverseen) were killed, and Councillor Terik lost his left leg. Nevertheless, the elves were able to convince the ogres to sign the treaty.

During the course of the summit, all attendees are locked in the dungeons when they're not in The Circle or attending a gala.

Events Edit

Envoys are sent for Sophie and Edaline to be their guards for the entire duration for the summit. Sophie nicknames the goblin envoys assigned to them Righty (Sophie's guard) and Bunhead (Edaline's guard). Sophie and her mom then arrive at Lumenaria for a security search before being allowed to enter. Once the two are alone in their room, Edaline lets Sophie know that the summit is more than just about making King Dimitar sign the treaty, but also about creating the ideal impression of the Elvin culture.

Later, they go for dinner, and Sophie gets the chance to officially meet Empress Pernille, King Enki, Queen Hylda, and Thales the Sower. However, while they are eating, they get the news that Fintan is demanding to be a part of the summit as well. Mr. Forkle, Empress Pernille, Queen Hylda, and King Enki support his joining the summit, so he is allowed in under security. After dinner, Sophie updates Keefe about what had happened, and he lets her know that he plans to leave the Neverseen that night.

The next morning, all the attendees gather in The Circle, the highest room in the tower. They debate about Elvin superiority, human existence, King Dimitar's actions in Neverseen, and his proposed changes to the Elf-Ogre Treaty, with the first three being Fintan's way of stirring unrest and buying time for the Neverseen. Reference the Debate Topics section for more information on what points were presented.

King Dimitar suggests a list of "I will" and "I won't" for the treaty so that the ogres will be withdrawn from the rest of the intelligent species, with the condition that Lady Cadence be permitted to visit anytime. The decision ends quickly, much to Fintan's disappointment. However, he seems happier at the thought of the attendees having a gala to celebrate. Sophie senses this, and goes down to the dungeons to investigate.

She realizes the Neverseen's plan too late, as they were already using outward channeling to bring down the castle, with Ruy's force fields to shield them. After warning both Mr. Forkle and Keefe, who had escaped to the island in an attempt to get away from the Neverseen, she goes off to find Edaline as the castle walls rumbled and the structure was brought down.

After successfully escaping the castle with Edaline, Sophie finds Keefe, and they go to look for Mr. Forkle. They find him with Councillor Oralie, who explains that Gethen had stabbed Mr. Forkle after he killed Brant. Unfortunately, he is taking his last breaths when they find him, and he dies after speaking with Sophie one last time. Mr. Forkle's wanderling is later planted in Nightfall, after they find out that he was really two twins.

Debate Topics Edit

  • Elvin superiority

Fintan contends that elves are better than the other intelligent species on every level because of skills and abilities. He also says that because of this, elves are stuck fixing others' problems. His contention is met with anger from the others at the table, though the Council reminds them that they wanted Fintan's viewpoint.

  • Human existence

Fintan says that the real problem is humans, because they bring destruction wherever they go. Mr. Forkle later brings up the fact that the Black Swan has a plan for this, and Sophie will be a part of it.

  • King Dimitar's Betrayal

Mr. Forkle points out that the Peace Summit was called because King Dimitar violated the original Elf-Ogre treaty by allying the ogres with the Neverseen and unleashing the plague.

  • Elf-Ogre Treaty

King Dimitar asks for a treaty that will allow the ogres to remain separate from the rest of the intelligent species. When asked about supervision, he adds that he will permit Lady Cadence to come to Ravagog at any time.

Attendees Edit

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