A Pathfinder is a long wand-like device that allows elves for light leaping, the main mode of transportation for the elves. Pathfinders usually have a colored crystal atop a long, thin stick, allowing light to pass through the facets and create a beam on the ground. Stepping into the beam will take the person to their chosen location. Depending on the light source, color and facets of the crystal, a pathfinder can be made to reach a variety of places. Elves are only allowed to have a pathfinder when they reach a certain point on their nexus, a safety mechanism for elves who are new to the process.

In the first book, Fitz uses a pathfinder to introduce Sophie to the Elvin world. Sophie mockingly refers to it as a "magic wand" and questions the physics behind the device's function.

Where the Known Crystals Lead[edit | edit source]

As previously mentioned, different colors of crystals can lead to different places. The different colored crystals will lead to:

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