“Anyone else not surprised that Lady Cadence has seriously scary pets?”

Keefe Sencen, in Nightfall

Pannoniasauruses are bluish-gray creatures that look like the massive offspring of an alligator, eel, and a shark. It was mentioned that these creatures have beady eyes, and long snouts, that have a huge quantity (possibly millions) of malicious teeth. They’re a rare type of mosasaur, that thrives in freshwater.  Like dolphins, when these animals are in a group, they are called a pod. Lady Cadence stated that she is very close to a specific pod of five Pannoniasaurus. After this statement, one of these mosasaurs jumped out of the water, whipping its massive tail at Lady Cadence and almost knocking her out of the boat, although she was claiming that they were just trying to get her to swim with her, stating, "that's how we usually spend our mornings." Riverdrift is moved upstream by these creatures.

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