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Panic Switches are one of Dex's many inventions.


When someone presses the gem in the middle of the ring, it alerts Dex that that person is in danger. The first iteration allowed the wearer to signal that they were in danger by pressing the stone in the center. Dex later added the functionality of being able to track where the wearer was without the wearer needing to press the stone.

Dex has mentioned that he is reworking them in order to allow the wearer to specify which type of danger they are in.


Book 3: Everblaze[]

In Everblaze, Dex gave Sophie a panic switch after class in the locker room, stating that he had been working on it for "a while." Dex made Sophie promise to wear it all the time, saying that he wanted to be sure that she was safe. It was incredibly awkward when Dex gave Sophie the panic switch, as everyone was looking at them.

Keefe later teases her about it, saying, "No wonder Dex gave you a ring. Smart and beautiful."

In Everblaze, Sophie used the ring while Brant was threatening her, with Dex arriving later and helping her defeat Brant.

Book 5: Lodestar[]

In Lodestar, Dex gave panic switches to Biana, Fitz, Tam, and Linh. These panic switches contained stronger trackers, coupled with the ability to track the wearer's location without the wearer needing to push the stone. Dex also stated that he was working on a more specific system — possibly adding the ability to push the stone in four different directions to signify different types of danger.

Book 7: Flashback[]

In Flashback, Sophie used it when she was attacked by Gethen Inar Ondsinn, Ruy Tonio Ignis, and Umber. Dex came with Lovise, his bodyguard, and Wylie to save her.


Sophie Elizabeth Foster[]

Sophie's panic switch is described as a plain silver band with a crooked, flat beige stone set into the middle.

Dexter Alvin Dizznee[]

Dex's has a matching silver band.

Biana Amberly Vacker[]

Biana's panic switch is said to have a sparkly pink stone on the band.

Fitzroy Avery Vacker[]

Fitz's panic switch is said to have a teal stone on the band.