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Panakes are a Gnomish plant capable of aiding the healing of any ailment via their blossoms and petals.

Panakes trees are created when a Gnome sacrifices themself to create one by turning themselves into a panakes tree. The first panakes was from the original Gnomish leaders, who died to stop the first plague.


Book 4: Neverseen[]

Calla, who's a gnome, at the end of Neverseen, slowed herself down to transform herself into a panakes tree to save the Gnomes from the Ogre-created plague. Her panakes tree now stands on a hill at Havenfield

Book 8: Legacy[]

In Legacy, Sophie begins sleeping beneath Calla's Panakes tree outside due to her feeling trapped and believing the walls of her bedroom were closing in on her. Calla's niece Flori sings to it, and Grady states that when she does the tree seems to bloom more vibrantly.


  • The Panakes may be based on the alchemical idea of a Panacea, a medicine capable of curing anything.
  • The word Panakes comes from the Greek panakḗs meaning all-healing, pan meaning all and akḗs meaning a cure. So really Panakes should be pronounced pan-a-keez even though Sophie says it so it rhymes with pancakes. It is related to the word panacea, meaning a cure for all problems.
  • It shares this aspect with Alkahest, another aspect of alchemy.
  • They have pretty colored blossoms that can change color; they are usually pink, purple, or blue hues.
  • Sophie has a Panakes perfume given to her by Dex.
  • The Panakes tree is in the background of one of Keefe's paintings.
  • Keefe once painted Sophie a bead with a panakes blossom on it.
  • The ogres destroyed every Panakes after invading and taking Serenvale.
  • At first, Sophie thought the word Panakes was Pancakes.
  • The Panakes bears a significant resemblance to a willow tree.